Sunday, April 16, 2017

Calling It A Day

Yes, it is finished. I tried to add another row, but it was not needed. 
I think it looks very complete as it is. Anyway, it is over 14".

It's all packaged up, ready to be mailed out on Tuesday.

Already started another for the 
daughter of a friend who asked for a tatting in purple.

Design by Renulek (Zebra - on Etsy)

I am so relieved to be using #40 Lizbeth again.To me the quality 
difference between #20 and #40 is enormous.


  1. Beautifully done! Purple... I dare not show my granddaughter!

  2. Good call, it looks wonderful and it's a good size. Enjoy the purple, lovely colour!

  3. Your Spring Doily looks outstanding!!! :)
    And that purple is so pretty!! :)

  4. The wiosna is wonderful as it is, great tatting as your usual.

  5. Looks great and I am not happy with my thread it cheap and breaks lots I am going to stop after row 9 I think. I too just started something in purple.

  6. Your Spring doily looks lovely and looks a good place to stop, I missed your last post so I take it you got fed up somewhere along the line.
    Another mat in the making, looks a lovely colour
    I am sure your new one will look as beautiful as your Spring one.
    Love to Mr G

  7. Looks amazing! I have been thinking of starting a doily in Lizbeth 40. Up until now I have only used Lizbeth 20. Interesting to know your opinion of the difference in size and I look forward to proving it out myself.

    1. Thanks, Jennifer. I think there USA tremendous difference in Lizbeth quality between #20 and #40. Others do not have my Lizbeth woes, but I loathe #20; inevitably, I get breaks, slubs, twisting and splitting with it. #80 is the best of the three, but so tiny!

    2. Usually I have issues with #20 twisting and splitting, both. I just ordered some #40, so we'll see. #80-- bwahahaha! Maybe in a few years! :-)