Friday, December 18, 2015

On Track

Seems I am on track with the “going with my gut,” decisions

So far I have completed about half the border for the hankie, in just a few days, as opposed to months  that the hedgehog was taking to tat.

Being very pleased with the thread, I have contacted Lea to buy 2 more skeins - both in #50 - that I used for the previous hankie and enjoyed immensely. Perhaps I will tat with slightly thicker thread for the next few projects.

On a Russian site, or maybe it was on Pinterest, about six months ago or more, I downloaded a pattern which looks suspiciously like a Jan Stawasz design sporting all those familiar fuzzy, incomplete ds numbers throughout!

However, I like the design and have filled in the numbers according to my understanding and after a few false starts I think I can proceed:

It is only two rows, not very big, but I suspected I run short of Karey’s #40 HDT.  I have no #40 white, but I do have DMC #60.

Its a bit tricky because there is a difference, obviously, in the size of the stitches, but I think it is going to be fine. I do like the white with this colourway.


  1. Very beautiful edging!!!! :)
    Great looking new project!!! :)
    Love both your colorways!!! :)

  2. Yes, very nice combination of colours. Your edging progress makes me think of reading - a good book is devoured in no time, a less good book goes on and on!

  3. Your edging is looking wonderful! I'm so looking forward to smaller projects.

  4. I love your work the hankie edging is fabulous and the little doily too! Wonderful choice of colors, You are really good at that. I did same thing and downloaded a pattern that looked like the J.S. and I checked in my books and it was, silly me, had the pattern already :)

  5. Both look great. I love the color of Karey's thread, and it matches your shuttle so nicely. Love the shuttle!

  6. Both a beautiful! Love the contrast of the variegated thread with white.

  7. Your hanky edging is looking beautiful and you are making great speed with it,
    I do like using white with variegated thread it does seem to bring out the colours of the thread.