Thursday, December 10, 2015

In Spite of the Standstill

The muse is en vacance, but I have finished the Jan Stawasz doily regardless and like it a lot. That last row took a long time.

His patterns always amaze me in their complexity; they look so straightforward till you are lulled into complete complacency and then: wham! Out come the scissors!

This is tatted in Lizbeth- no problems this time - #80, and measures 8" across. It would be a good size tatted on a thicker thread.


  1. Lovely, Fox! It almost looks like it's actually swirling! Lots of "movement" in that blue/green color way!

  2. You are so right about Jan's patterns. they do pull you in with their beauty but the stitch counts seem to have a rhythm I have a hard time learning.

  3. Beautiful!I also think there's a sense of movement.

  4. It's beautiful, Fox! I totally agree with you about JS designs. I still don't completely understand his notation, but I am always pleased with the results.

  5. Lovely colourway and the way the pattern twists and turns,
    Love to Mr G

  6. It's gorgeous!!! :) I love how the color seems to flow from the center outward, like waves!! :)