Monday, April 27, 2015

Ten To Go

These take a fair bit of time... and thread. I hope I am going to have enough white. As it is, I have used almost a full ball already.

Boredom won out and I yearned to tat more than just plain rings, though I love mignonette.

So, I pulled out Jon's book of covered rings, grabbed some new #80 - which I had to double to reach a near #30 -  and some lovely teal beads...

It measures about 21/2 inches.
Feels wonderful - nice and substantial!


  1. Very beautiful motifs!! :)
    Great ring motif!!! :) Great colors too!! :)

  2. Mignonette is lovely but challenging, you did a great work. Lovely little motif, nice colours as your usual

  3. So delicate and pretty, those motifs. Good detour you made too, I like that.

  4. Lovely motif from Jon's book, I like the coffee and teal together.
    I can understand why you are getting bored with the white motifs, it's nice just to do something small inbetween
    Love to Mr G

  5. The covered ring is lovely and in such pretty colours.