Monday, January 11, 2010

No Tatting for The Boss's Bro!

Taking a bit if a break.  I was going to post the photo of that gorgeous motif I was working on, but I got sidetracked and will show you that tomorrow! It is finished!  : )

In the meantime, I have finished these, at long last,  for my grandbaby.  As the Boss's brother, he gets the short end of the stick!

Don't these remind you of Tigger from Pooh?  They are little, which you can't see, as the wee lad is a mere 8 months old.

As to today's tatting adventure, it went like this:

I was in Kensington Market - a central cluster of streets of vegetable shops, old clothing stores, ethnic restaurants, all thrown together in old, close-together buildings built at the beginning of the last century.  The streets are one-way and narrow and there are bargains to be found everywhere.

You have to brave the congestion, the smells and the traffic, but it is a fun place to find 'the deal', which leads me to my confession....
...  as if I NEEDED this.

That the whole lot was less than $10.00 does not absolve me of the GUILT.  I do not need any more thread - especially this kind!  WHAT was I thinking?  Now I am buying embroidery thread to see how it tats!  Gads!  What is happeneing to me?

But the BEADS,  ah, the lovely, shiny, smooth, colourful beads.... are they not beeeeuuutiful......?


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  1. I love the socks! My grandson got the short end of the stick this Christmas... his socks are still on the needles!

    Have fun with your new stash. I tried embroidery floss once, but the splitting of the threads drove me crazy! Maybe I should have separated the strands of floss! ; )

  2. Hi, Diane! Thanks! I said, 'no more knitting' and here I am again with socks for The Boss on my needles now! I think it might be good for the fingers to exercise different muscles than tatting ones. How's that for justification! Me and my 'shoulds"!!!

    I read somewhere that 3 strands was equivalent to #20... is that right I wonder?

    Fox : )

  3. i love the 'tigger socks'!

    enjoy your new stuff - it's great that you got a nice bargain on it! I've tried tatting with embroidery thread - separating the flosses is a pain.. you might also want to try Ms Kersti Anear's Stumpy bookmark which calls for the entire cord as opposed to floss strands

  4. If it helps at all, each time you feel the guilt, think of the many beautiful things that you are going make with the floss and the happy smiles from people who are going to receive them, he .. he ...

    I tried tatting with floss once and only once. The end result is quite satisfying but I was a bit put off by the need to split the strands. So I didn't tat anything more with floss after that one attempt. I used three strands. The 8yds of the floss, with three strands, loads one clover shuttle to the rim and just slightly over it. And yes, it does tat up like a #20.

  5. Beadsssssssssssssssss! Just like handbags & shuttles. You can't have too many!! My bead stash is just waaaaaaaaay too scant. LOL! I love the colors you chose, & can't wait to see them appear on your tatted pieces.

  6. Hey Fox!
    Those socks are FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN... Just like Tigger!

    Pretty colors of floss and beads! I read about someone tatting with floss recently. It never even occurred to me that you could! Have fun experimenting!
    :) Ann

  7. Thanks, wickedtats!
    I am eager to try it. I am going to use 3 strands, as the number was confirmed by Jon! But I do like that patter.... maybe with three strands and some beads.... hmmmmm!

    Hi there,Jon!
    Guilt? Huh.... What guilt!

    Hi, Katie,
    I can't wait to get into those shiny little treasures.... beeaaaddsssss! Glad you share my crow-like fascination! LOL!

    Hi, Ann! I am going to have such fun. Yes, I, too, read on someone's blog about the embroidery thread - don't remember where I saw it, but it was a pretty recent bit...

    The thread was sold came in plastic envelopes, two colours each of 4 different threads to a pack, and I chose these - the best of the lot. I like the colours and I am sure I can do something with this thread and those beads.... Maybe, if the thread is not to frustrating! : )

  8. I loves the 'tigger' socks. Floss...mmm...hard work, great beads for the stash tho, you can NEVER have too many beads!