Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Broken Heart

 I just had a look at the most beautiful motif: Liyarra's, posted to-day.  It is wonderful.

Even though this heart, designed by Gina and on Georgia's site, should not even be mentioned anywhere near the above-mentioned beauty, I am posting it because I have learned that only by really looking at the boo-boo, and living with it do I get better!  (Seems to apply to real life as well!)

Here is the poor thing.  The Tatting Goddess used #20 and I used#40, so mine had too many stitches resulting in cupping and a misshapen centre. Also, the new Lisbeth I used seemed a bit twisty. I must add that I missed a join which really was the undoing, so to speak, of the entire misadventure!

 #18/25 Motif Challenge
I will re-do it tonight.  Maybe!


  1. It's going to be so pretty in that thread!

  2. I have been looking at that heart as maybe a practice piece, but it looks so HARD and now you have confirmed it!!

  3. My daughter loves it when I miss a step. She makes them her treasures then. Happy Tatting!

  4. It's a shame this didn't work out because the choice of colour is once again great. You will be having another go I hope.

    I didn't really think the change in size of thread would matter that much but it may explain why I've had such a hard time with some patterns.

  5. Hi Fox. Thank you for such a beautiful compliment.

    Your heart isn't totally lost. If you add a solid row of tatting to the outside and put some elastic through it - it would make a lovely snood. I would happily buy it from you for that purpose if you like. I think it still has potential and the thread is gorgeous.

    You are brave just to tackle the mignonette in my opinion. I haven't ventured that far yet!!

    Just a thought though - did you adjust the length of the bare thread to cater for the 40 thread?

    I am sure you will give it another go and this time it will all fall into place. Chalk this one up to practice.

    Hugs from Australia

  6. Liyarra,

    Coming from you, who has the most perfect stitches, I am flattered that you think it can be saved! It really cannot - I am too much of a perfectionist and totally obsessed! Rather like someone described in your own profile! No idle dalliance here either! I am crazed with it! LOL!

    I worked on the second try tonight and it is much improved. I'll submit it for blog viewing very soon!

    I really appreciated your support! Thanks!