Monday, February 1, 2016

As The Thread Travels

Seems like forever! I am still waiting for the thread to arrive from Down Under, but luck would have it that I still seem to have quite a bit left.  It was obviously a good decision to relegate the HDT to the chain stitches.

Since this photo was take , I have completed one side and since moved on to the next 25 repeats. 

These colours please me snd I love this hankie. Mine. Ha!


  1. It is beautiful and great distraction while waiting I really need to start a hankie I have collected so many just to tat on and even start 2 and got to get back to it!

  2. Some day I will have your courage and get all the way around a hanky. Good Progress.

  3. Certainly you should keep it if it pleases you so much. You're worth it! :-) It will be quite lovely when it's done.

  4. It's about time you kept something for yourself! ;-)

    I do like the colors you've chosen.