Sunday, February 21, 2016

Patience is a New Blue

I'm still waiting for thread and I have lots of Lea's thread left from the hankie, so I started a small pattern in the #50 HDT. I can never remember whose design this is! I've tatted it several times. I think it is from a French publication...

In this motif, you can better see the beautiful dye work that Lea has done. It is pale, but not what I’d call pastel, babyish or Eastery, all of which are not faves of mine.

I remembered!
Pattern by Pascale Provost


  1. Well you sure make that look great I like how quickly the colors change in a short amount of time or length of string, maybe it is an illusion :)

  2. That is some gorgeous thread! I really like this motif also!

  3. Gorgoues motif sorry I love the colour and the way it's been dyed.
    Love to Mr G

  4. Great motif and fabulous colorway!!! :)
    I feel like her colors are "soft" colors. :)