Saturday, December 12, 2015

Only What Pleases

A New Years resolution will be to tat only what brings me satisfaction AND is pleasurable while in progress. If a thread feels bad I will not use it. If a pattern is not fun, off with its head!

As a practice run up to my new attitude, I jettisoned hedgehogs, which I was tatting around the hankie. I do not like the colour of the green thread, the pattern was very boring, and I was avoiding the chore of finishing; it was taking ages. So, last night...GONE!

The new border is now underway in Lea's lovely #70 thread using an unidentified Russian pattern from who-knows-where. I was wary of the variegated colours with the hankie, but I love it AND I am finally enjoying a tatting project once again.

Lesson learned.


  1. I like your approach! That's probably why I have so many UFOs around. As I reorganize my supplies in the coming year, I am going to remember what you have resolved and follow your lead!

    Lovely thread, lovely edging... enjoy!

  2. lovely edging, perfect for that hanky! Good resolution, I've many UFOs too, but not the same determination! Pretty candelabra.

  3. Great resolution Fox. Life is too short to work on projects that don't bring us pleasure and happiness. Looks like a very pretty thread and edging.

  4. Tatting should be fun and love the colors too, along with the thread love this idea that your time is only for masterpieces!

  5. That's such pretty thread, it goes so well with the flowers on the hanky, Tatting should be a pleasure and with nice colours we like, a lovely choice of colour and it will tat up quickly.
    Love to Mr G

  6. That color is beautiful and it looks like you are off to a wonderful start!! :)