Sunday, March 1, 2015

Idiotically Intimidated

Yes, I admit it! I am quaking in my boots, so that I cannot even peek at the thread I have chosen to begin the Fikkert tat-along.

So, I am allowing full rein to that emotional state, hoping it will fully play itself out by tomorrow, which, if I am not mistaken, was my projected start date for the project. Ah the fortitude we tatters must summon. Truly astounding, isn't it?

In the meantime, I managed to mangle one of Karey Solomon's patterns from her First Quarter 2015 subscription. I ALWAYS have trouble following her patterns and often it has been Marty or Martha  who have been of terrific help with them.

The heart was easy and tiny. Cute. With the larger piece, I did not see, or ignored or misread and consistently joined the wrong picot every time, so could not advance to the final few rows.

You can see in the photo that procrastination also engendered SSSR practice! Why not? 

Instead of tossing the thing, which also badly buckles, I added my own final row with pink beads, imagining it in the front of a white or pale pink T-shirt for my niece, Baby Hayley, recipient of the crocheted Granny Square blanket, who is now  months old. The little heart will go at the top of the neck in the back.

It's not pretty for sure, and it is very buckled, but wee Hayley might just gurgle at it, PLUS I have avoided the Fikkert for another day!

I also reasoned I'd get this week's instalment of Renata's Spring Doily finished. Then it will be time to move on.

And Bob's your uncle. 


  1. Firstly you are not an idiot, your tatting Is lovely and I am sure if you press it, it lay flat.
    I am sure the motif will look beautiful on a tea shirt and the heart.
    Your renudeks mat is looking lovely I am slowly getting behind you all, but I have been doing other things, can't multi task with tatting only one thing item at a time.
    So you have had to seek help i had to this week but my brain went blank that's my excuse, after over forty years I could not think what the pattern meant.
    So cheer up your tatting is lovely.
    Love to Mr G

  2. Thanks, for the pep talk,Margaret! To be honest, I am not calling myself an idiot! I am referring to how intimidated I am to getting on with the pattern. I just really frightens me! I was even leery of ordering the book because I knew I was intimidated. I’ll get over it! Thanks again! You are very sweet. Fox : )

    1. I think I need those words, I went to do round five on Renulks mat and found a big mistake instead of six rings I have done five all the way around. Now do I cut it all off and start again, or just say that's it, it's pretty as it is and as my hubby puts it, you don't need anymore doilies what are you going to do with it.
      So it's sit on the coffee table looking at me and to be honest I don't have the heart to cut it off, it's a lot of thread to waste.
      Hope you day is proving better, although it's very cold here and we have had some snow, sleet and hail showers, to warm to settle.
      Margaret. And love to Mr G.

    2. Margaret, why not cut it off and put it away till you are in the mood to continue? It's a great pattern and like all of us, you made a fatal mistake, probably because you were tired. It might make a difference later on if not fixed now. This is not a difficult pattern for you I know! You are just not focused! Cut and rest I Say! Don't miss out on this one. My two bits with hugs...

  3. May I subscribe what Margaret said? It's easier in this moment. Just because I'm idiotically intimidated by all those words that I had to look for to read this post, by your beautiful tatting - is that thread a size 100?? Or a sewing thread? - and by that amazing colours' combo in the spring doily! Hugs.

    1. Good! Your search for better words informs every post I now compose! So we both have a job to do, Ninetta.

      The thread is Sulky Blendsbles - bigger than #80, smaller than #60. I love the size.

  4. Initial inertia should be quickly eradicated with imagined imposing success . . . or ibuprofen . . . :) And, a certain little someone is going to have a super cute little t-shirt!

  5. I know you'll buckle down and do a fantastic job at whatever you set your mind to, and work through all issues with thread - one way or another. I think you have a wonderful idea for those pieces, I'm sure the baby will love them. I have trouble with Karey's patterns, too.

  6. The Spring doily is looking wonderful. I have been procrastinating on mine - keep waiting until I have some time with no distractions (THAT won't happen anytime soon). Will try to start it this week, though. The heart and larger piece look nice. Pressing will probably take care of any buckling, and sewing it to a T-shirt will *keep* it flat. Great idea - sewing the tiny heart to the back of the neck edge. It will look cute. Fond regards to Mr. G.

  7. Karey has some wonderful patterns, but I find that I have to tat several in a row to understand what to do. Of course I find that to be true of any designer I like! I'm looking forward to seeing which threads you've chosen for your Fikkert tat-along. I'm almost up to you on the Renulek doily. If only I had more time to tat! ;-)

  8. Pretty colors and motifs!! :)
    Your doily is looking wonderful!!! :)