Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mr G? Not Impressed.

What do I have to do? A red ribbon does not win him over. 
In fact it might just annoy His Majesty:

It took a wee bit of coaxing, but he came round in the end:

Probably, I was too immersed in shuttle-activity, 
as I began the Under An African Sky Challenge
which I have revised, with apologies to Jane McLellan:

#80 Lizbeth

The overlapping rings do not work for me. They look all forced and do not flow. Actually, I rarely see any in Tat-Land appealing to me - just not a design element of which I am fond. So, I took the liberty of doing my own thing.

Update on The JS Monster D... 

I am still trying to complete the same round I was on last week. Two more motifs to finish and then into the final three  or four rows, which are much more straightforward. Thank goodness!

It is becoming very unwieldy; I’ll be glad to finish it. Although I am pleased that I decided to tat this pattern, the Monster D is the most patience-challenging project I have yet attempted. Next post: an update photo.


  1. But, he's such a handsome fella! That Mr. G Blue-Eyes! Yes, I think his loyal, but humble servants must bow to his royal wishes and stop, put down the shuttles and give him the homage and pats his rank deserves every now and then! ;) Hee hee hee!

  2. What a gorgeous picture of Mr. G. As long as he does not take your monster mat as a blanket?
    I am sure your mat under the African sun will look good with your variation.
    Love to Gian

  3. Your top photograph reminds me of a circus act with a lion.
    So far, the colors are OK for an African d,.., and I like the split rings!!

  4. Looks like you are off to a good start on the new doily! :)

  5. Ahhh, the laying on of the teeth! I remember that well from my Siamese-owning days. Goodness but some fur people (not naming any names here Mr. Gian) are so hard to please, aren't they.

    1. Jane, this made me chuckle! Siamese people really do have endless entertainment, and those teeth - not intentional biting at all - he just loves to play! : ))

  6. I think interlocking rings in Size 80 will be difficult. I love the way you improvise.

    Were you giving Mr G his medicine. It reminded me of the Guinness Book of Records programme the other day of how many drinking straws one can fit in one's mouth.

    Is handsome G is feeling neglected? I'm so sorry G. Tsuru sends her love.

    1. I wish it were neater.

      This was my first attempt at the revision and I kept tatting rather than stating over to get the centre right. That Monster D has me very distracted, however I think when I add the next row, the sloppy centre might not be so obvious. Maybe!