Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Huge Apology To Jane!

An admission... I have been harbouring the thought that Jane McLellan was an evil tatting sadist. Yes, I really held tightly to that nasty little meanness for about three entire weeks.

I was certain I could not meet the challenge Wendy and I had agreed to tackle before we were joined by other eager tatters, game to produce Under An African Sky - Jane's original design.

Imagine my disgust when I could not complete the first round. Over and over I tried and even attempted to adapt the pattern to avoid the overlapping rings. As it was, these rings had frustrated me for a good half year. Plus, I am using #80 thread! 

Many hours and a good deal of thread have produced nothing but dismay. The Monster was neglected. Meals were skipped. I raged.

WELL! I have completed the centre correctly! 

Dyslexia be banished! Apologies to Jane! Hugs to my shuttles! Joy! 

Happiness had me ordering a new LaCossette shuttle to celebrate! This was big.

The downside to all the good cheer is that there are SIXTEEN more of these ahead. However, I  think I now have the procedure committed to memory. I can only hope...


  1. Wow! That looks like some intricate stuff to figure out! But, it came out beautifully! Well done! I can't wait to see the new shuttle!

  2. Wow, you got there see we all knew you could do it, well done.
    Love and a cuddle to Gian, I hope you don't blast his eyes too often with bad words.

  3. You are too funny - and so inspiring! Great start :)

  4. Come on,... Fox! (whining voice), don't be too hard on Jane. And think about all those very first beginners!!
    By the way: good you made that first round! In Rainy season African colors!!

    1. I've never been anywhere in Africa, but didn't like the lemon yellow centre and thought the variegated thread was what I imagined a certain sunlight might look like! Delighted with your comment!

  5. I was miserable trying it a size 40 I don't know you learned this with 80. You are very funny I remember feeling like an idiot because I did not see the other 16. I only thought there was one, I am goofy like that I dove in without testing the waters. Now that is is all over I can say I learned something from this little doily!

  6. I think a reward for this huge achievement is most appropriate! Congratulations, you have conquered this mountain - as I hope to, with the help of Wendy's marvellous explanations and pictures. Not until grandchild no 8 arrives - just a few weeks more!
    I'd like to see the reward shuttle,please, when it comes!

  7. oh happy dance for you! congrats on getting it figured out. that is a very nice doily Jane designed.

  8. Congratulations!!!! A perfect set of rings! I'm so very happy for you! A wonderful accomplishment - and with size 80 thread, too! Simply amazing! I look forward to seeing all the colors you'll be using.

    I have never tried block tatting, so the animals will be a challenge for me, but I do hope to tat Jane's doily in the future. . However, I have to admit I'd never begin to attempt the Monster doily. I'll just admire it from afar!

  9. Hey, you did it and in Size 80! So happy for you. Love the colours too.

  10. Whoo hoo! Success! It looks great. I tried these once and they came out looking pretty dreadful so I went on to other things. So how much repainting/wallpapering do you have to do? (from all the blistering words that were spoken??)

  11. Yipee! That's the way to hang in there, Fox! Kudos. Love the thread colours.

  12. Thanks, Tatters!

    Wallpaper.....hmmmm. Good idea! : ))

  13. Ура!! Nicely done! I agree, the interlocking rings are a tricky thing, right off the bat...I'm tempted to do all 16 now while I've "got it" and keep them in reserve until I make it to that row, maybe.

  14. Ah, funny post, you know! :))

  15. :-) I'm surprised that no one has called me an evil tatting sadist before now!!