Saturday, May 10, 2014

Cavorting With Courage

Oh, ya! 

This is something I have been VERY fearful of tackling! But I took the plunge and am amazedly getting along fine - so far.

I have been following the diagram in a book sent to me by Elena ( monedido at InTatters). Her work totally inspires and fascinates me. I even bought the kind if shuttles she uses to see if her magic travelled with them.  (Sadly, it does not. )

Last week, I realized this very pattern is on the cover of the Burda magazine that Tally Tatty sent me. How wonderful is that! The tatting muses must be encouraging me to go boldly where I have never gone before.

It is in #80 thread, some Lizbeth and the white (VERY difficult to keep clean) is a vintage thread sent to me by Mad Cricket, from InTatters. 

So, you see, this is very much a globally collaborative effort.

At the same time, I am still slogging along with the wonderful Renulek Lato 2014 piece. Nearly done row #7. Loving it. 

A new project and a big challenge is around the corner. I am going to use an unknown thread that I bought at the little Portugese crochet shop I visit from time to time. 

I like the owner a lot and we communicate well. She supported me in the tatting of that huge Renukek piece that won first prize  last year.

I took the red ribbon in to show her this week and to tell her of my triumph. She was so delighted; it was fun.

While there, I saw a new thread- a huge ball of it. It is rather like a #30 Cèbèlia, I think, though it says #20.

I have sent a sample to Umintsuru, to see what she thinks if it. I do believe it will be good for the piece I am contemplating. More about that, at a later date.

Anybody know it? The ball is the size of Aunt Lydia thread and cost $11.50. There are about 1000 metres on it. It is a bit soft, being a crochet thread.

Lastly, at the crochet shop, I picked this up:

It is a sweet little hankie and I am going to do a yellow and blue border - the one by Robin Perfetti.

Then, I shall give it to to The Boss's little brother who wants me to give him something! He wonders why his sister gets all the tatting bits for her art.... I told him I would tat something special for him. I think this will be perfect.


  1. What a bumper post Fox! "Cavorting" got my attention instantly. Love the gracious curves on your first piece. I like one shuttle tatting and have been looking for patterns recently. Your bare threads are looking great in it. And the little train hanky is going to be fabulous!

  2. Your new doily start is absolutely amazing!!! So very gorgeous!!! Can't wait to see the rest!!! :)
    Love your Renulek doily!!! And the colors are so pretty!!! :)
    Can't wait to see the hanky border!! :)

  3. Incredible how 'performant' you are. good luck with the Burda pattern! Picots,picots, picots,..

  4. Thank you, thank you. Such encouraging comnents. I am grateful. : )

  5. How nice to be able to walk into a favourite store and chat tat.
    The Burda pattern is very pretty. Will be following this and see at which point you will add the beads,:) I am being presumptuous, aren't I?

    1. OH NOOO! Jon, I wish you had not said that! The thought had not occured to me as this pattern takes ALL my concentration! I find it devilishly confusing and beads? Good grief.

  6. I'm in love with that hanky! You have some beautiful work going, and it inspires me to hear of all your friends all over the world who participate in your tatting projects.

    1. Thanks for that, Grace. I am a very fortunate tatter, indeed! : )

  7. Hi Fox

    Your white doily looks good, I look forward to seeing how you progress with it.
    Your summer doily is also looking good going to be pretty in those colours.
    Pretty hanky I am sure he will love it.
    I don't know that thread, but the ball looks like it will last for a while and for the whole doily at least.
    Love to Gian

  8. The new Burda doily looks amazing. It is going to be so pretty. The purple is looking pretty in the Lato doily.

    I must have missed this post before I replied your e-mail. Thank you for the sample thread. You did not have to. Where is this thread from?

    What a cute hanky for brother of The Boss.

    How's Mr G doing? Tsuru got a bath yesterday and she sleeps and eat so much better after all that shivering. Snoozing - right now.

  9. Wow, the Burda pattern looks fascinating, and I love that it's a global event. I look forward to seeing more of it, with or without beads!!

  10. I love that Burda pattern! I wonder if those magazines are available here in the U.S.? (rhetorical question)

    That white thread looks very pretty... pity it's too soft for tatting. Will that lead you to a crochet project?

    1. I will use it to tat, though it is a bit soft - but not too soft. Crochet? No way! Not anymore.
      : ))

  11. Wow the Burda tatting looks like you got to be on your toes and get the right ring size, that is cool how the size of ring makes the curve! Always fun to try new thread look beautiful! that little boy sounds so cute and he will love the hankie!

  12. Your white doily looks good, Burda pattern is very pretty.

  13. The Burda pattern is an interesting one. Best not done in pink LOL.
    I too was thinking along Jon's line of where teh beads were going to go.....But it does look nice without them too!
    Enjoy it. Something totally different to the standard rounds!