Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pet Peeves

Says Mr G,
Tat It And See
Is  Definitely Not
Where I Want To Be.

Give Me A Mouse, 
 A Beetle, A Bat or All Three,
Some Catnip, Some Liver 
A Bird Up A Tree.

But A Shuttle And Thread?
I'm Going To Bed!


  1. Hi Gian,

    Oh what fun you have, I am sure whatever it is you will see some beautiful come from Fox's shuttles.
    Love from auntie Margaret

  2. joli chat ! et je comprend que ni les navettes ni l'ouvrage en cours ne l'intéresse, car il ne peut même pas courir après pour s'amuser ;-)
    bonne journée
    happy tatting

  3. Pussy Cats who are Too Precious
    Can't Spoil the Fun for therestofus
    So Mr G --
    Just suck it and see!

  4. he he, love your verse, you have a very agile mind. I enjoy your word plays and alliterations.
    I am a bit stormed in again this morning, all the schools are starting 1 - 2 hrs late or closing all together. So a late start to work this morning so maybe the roads will be cleared off.

  5. But Gian, haven't you ever played with one of those things while she's trying to use it? Sure, she's got one in her hand, but the other just dangles off the back of her left hand and you can swat it around and drive her nuts! I love that game, you should try it!

    -- Squijum

    1. Hi Squijum,
      She is already nuts. And she forgot to make turkey this week... Hmphhh. My favourite. This is going too far. I am going to look for those hooky things and hide one under my bed. Ha.
      Thanks for the advice. I need it.

    2. Forgot to make your turkey??? What is she good for, then? Mine's been trying to give me tuna juice, thinking she can trick me into taking that yucky medicine, but I'm way too smart for her!


    3. Hiya Squijum,

      Tuna juice? You have got to be kidding! Such a 19th century trick. The vets are still using it. Ha! Your human fell for it! Try barfing up the medicine... you’ll love HER expression when you do. It is really funny.

      Hope your fur is growing in nice and thick - sheds better when there’s lots. Hahah.
      Happy hairballs,

  6. I assume Mr G won't be tempted to eat it! Or hide it! Cute poem!

    I guess I forgot to push the publish button yesterday re my comment on the gorgeous beaded 'egg' in blue. I agree about the frame idea. Those thread colors and beads really make the design 'pop'!