Monday, January 27, 2014


Venus #40 from Liyarra

 I am sure I have tried Venus in the past as I recall being sent some, but have not used it in a while. I quite liked using this thread, which is a tad soft but very enjoyable. 
Thank you, Liyarra!

From here:

What IS it?


  1. That is very beautiful egg you have a good collection so far, you could frame them.

  2. That's a pretty egg! Those blue beads remind me of the candy coated Dove chocolate eggs they sell at Easter - I cannot resist them. I would say that Jane is having you tat a basket of flowers, but she is always full of surprises. Could those be feet instead of flowers?

    :) Ann

  3. Love the blue and green together - are you working your way through the whole book?
    I must make time to tat, now that the family has left - having an almost-two-year-old grandson here for a few days was entrancing, and tatting became unimportant! I need to catch up with Days 7 & 8.

    1. Two year olds are wonderful - and energetic!

      No - not going through the whole book, but it is on my table and has my interest these days. I like the intricate little patterns between larger pieces. Nice break. : )

  4. Hi Fox

    Lovely egg, are you working your way though the book?
    How is Gian I hope he's feeling better and back to his usual self.
    Love to himself.

  5. Eggsactly!
    Hope Gian is feeling better.
    I thought the TIAS was gorilla legs upside down until day

  6. King Kong's headband was my first answer for Jane! : ))

  7. These colours are fantastic, especially the turquoise ones. Lucky egg! Jane is a monument and she deserves one.

  8. I wonder whether threads vary as to where they are made? I have some Venus thread which knots up as I close the rings...the colours are lovely but I just cannot work with it, but I have bought other Venus thread which is fine.
    The egg is lovely, I am guessing the thread didn't knot up or you would have told us!