Monday, December 9, 2013

Pointy Purchase

Not only am I diminishing the thread stash at quite an admirable rate, but also am using up lots of beads. The tiny purple ones here can only be added to the work with that amazing Tulip shuttle, purchased ages ago and never used before.

But I realized, when I chose the beads (received from a tatting friend - but unhappily, I forget who it was! Maybe Wendy?) I quickly saw I would need a super-small hook.

The Tulip crochet hook is perfect, for it is the smallest I have ever seen; it says it is a 24, or .4. I do have a Lacis .4, but it is not this minute. I use it gingerly, and you very well know why.... ahem...

The thread is "Wisteria Lane" #40 HDT, from Krystle, and the pattern can be found in  Italian, in the Il Chiacchierino Vol3 book.

About the thread dithering... I have ordered some #80 Lizbeth in pink and grey and am hoping it will solve the problems I seem to be having when it comes to choosing not only size, but also brand.

I want to tat the Dutch pattern again - so much for "never!" It doesn't work well in the #40, and I don't have colours I particularly like for it in #40 anyway. Sulky was an option, but colour is also an issue there, as I have only a few spools.

So, it seems I am still on the smaller thread track, and the thicker thread is feeling a bit rope-like, but it is so much easier to tat with. Dithering on...

Oh yes, and of course all the yellow met with Mr. Scissors. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.


  1. Hi Fox

    What a beautiful shuttle, I hope the mr scissors have not over worked too much in the last few days, This doily is looking pretty so far, I don't think the yellow was working either. How about staying with the same thread throughout the mat.

    Love to Gian.


    1. LOL!!!i like the YELLOW! It was the mistakes that had to go! : ))

  2. Gorgeous thread colours and your tatting is so very lovely!

  3. The world is back on it's axis! - another of my favourite Fox pictures, of matching shuttle and tatting - gorgeous!
    Where did you find Volume 3? - I think the earliest I have is 6 or 7 - when I looked just now, I was led to download sites, all of which seemed to be dodgy!

  4. That thread colorway is always pleasing no matter what is tatted with it.
    Those are tiny beads, do you recall where you found that teeny tiny crochet hook?

  5. Thank you, Ladytats and Maureen.

    I'm afraid I can't give a satisfactory answer to either of you. The book may be from one of those dodgey sites, and the hook, I believe came from an Italian or British supplier. Too long ago to recall. Sorry!

  6. Lovely tatting as always! I love my Tulip crochet hooks, but the sizes don't match up with my other hooks, so I just have to guess as to which one to use. I,love those tiny purple beads!