Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Minuscule Motif

This of course is Céleste, Frivole's recent snowflake pattern. I tatted it with the quilting thread that Diane sent me, which is very fine - YLI. It is teeny, but quite nice to work with.

Of all patterns to choose, of course I picked the one I had difficulty with! I'm glad I did, because it gets easier each time I tat it. This one took little time and I did not have to re-tat! Yay me!
For Scale:
Next time - beads!


  1. Hi fox

    That is tiny, your eyes must be wonderful. I love the colour and yes it is easier the more you tat, it's a great pattern, with or without beads.
    Love to Gian

  2. I love that quilting thread and it's is weird but I seem to not make as many mistakes with it as well. this celeste is a beautiful pattern. Nice work I like how you put something beside it to show how small it is!

  3. Beautiful snowflake. I'm glad you warmed up to the pattern. It takes a while to manage those long picots, but not an impossible task. Your perseverance has paid off....again!

  4. Wow - tiny! Beautiful little motif, not sure I could do it in that thread, but what a gorgeous color.

  5. What a gorgeous snowflake! I'm going to have to look into tatting with quilting thread.

  6. Lovely - beautiful colours :) Bridget in Western Australia

  7. Holy crud. You are my tatting guru. That thing is TINY! Well done. :)