Saturday, December 21, 2013

Lovely Lavender

It just fit in the scanner. So, you can get an idea of the size of this. Also, it ruffles around the outside - darn! I could not block it out either... Perhaps the addition of beads on the outside was misdirected. Next time I tat this I will not use beads.

Yes, this motif reminds me of lavender on the red background rather like a plaid - NO, tartan, (thank you, Margaret!) - that you might find on an Edinborough shop!

9 inches
40 Lizbeth - had just enough- and Krystle's Wisteria Lane
Delica and pearly-translucent beads
Pattern from Il Chiacchierino Vol. 3 

This is not going to be given as planned to the birthday-in-February person. 

Because it reminds me of the lavender plants that the recipient grows in her garden every summer, I thought this motif could find a home under a lavender pot...
In a Doctor Who episode - 11th Doctor - someone said something like: 
This is what the British do to cope with stress - drinking tea and.... TATTING! 
: ))


  1. It looks beautiful! Such a lovely color combination!

    I think you just need to be more vigorous with your blocking. All the inner rounds look nice and even. For the outer round, just pin (yes, PIN!) the chains so they stretch outward more. It will feel like you're putting a lot of tension on the doily, but after it dries, the chains will stay like that and there will be no more ruffles.

    1. Thanks, Miranda. I seem to have lost my larger board for pinning! I had a feeling I should pin it, but I don’t know now what to pin it to. : (

    2. Later - I pinned it to that red towel as best as I could and I think it is working! Thanks Miranda! : )

    3. I use a large piece of foam core board, available from craft stores. It's not too expensive, holds the pins firmly, and is reasonably waterproof. I can reuse the same piece over and over, too.

    4. Ah! That is the one I can't find. As I hardly ever block with pins, I haven't replaced it...maybe I should, just in case. Thanks!

      The towel worked fine as it happens. So into the envelope it goes tomorrow!. : )

  2. Oh so glade that problem got straighten out! This has been so fun watching you make it!

  3. Hi Fox
    Plaid fox you mean Tartan my dear, yes it does when you lay it on the red cloth.
    Beautiful doilies and lovely pattern well done. It's been lovely to watch you making this present.
    Did you start at the very beginning of Dr who or is it the last series, something I have not watched for years since I was a teenager, it seems strange to think it's been going so long.
    Love to Gian

    1. Thanks, Margaret! Actually, in my mind I had written 'tartan' but it obviously never made it to the screen! Typical! Thanks for the heads-up! : )

    2. I started at the beginning and am caught up to the 11th Doctor now. I am also reading the history of the series. - fascinating journey! I have become quite the Whovian. : ))

  4. Hi Fox, I like your new picture! your new haircut makes you look so cheerful!
    This is also a great doily. I love it, because the design is very simple and well built up for stability. At the same time, it is very elegant and feminine. I love Krystle's HD, but is goes so well with Mirabelle, that I did not recognise it at first.
    I Also love your doily very much, but as biologist, not as an interior decorator. It reminds me of lichens that grow in concentric circles, especially in the Amazon forest; just the right combination of colors!! You know, the type that eat flies.LOL.
    Luckily, you have time until februari to tat something else. Knowing you, you will come ut with some fabulous idea and a great color combination.
    Congratulations any for an incredible successful tatting year, with 2 absolute toppers, wich we all enjoyed watching and reading!
    THANKS FOR THIS BLOG !! MERRY X-MAS!! HAVE AN EVEN BETTER TATTING YEAR IN 2014!! Love, peace and good tatting!

    1. Thank you for such glowing words, Tally Tatty! I particularly like your reference to the biological comparison! You have a wonderful holiday yourself and many good wishes to you and your loved ones. Fox : )

  5. Sorry, Fox, I was just trying to pull your leg. I habe a bas sense of humor. This doily is top!

  6. Lovely! I really like the colors. Happy holidays!

  7. Fox...just realised what pattern you were tatting! Looks lovely. Glad you found it.
    As for the are just going to have to tell me what epsiode now so I can prove to Ben that it is really a tatting shuttle in the titles!!!

    you might want top check this out Fox.......
    Not that I have or

  9. Hi, Fox! I just wanted to stop by to wish you a very Merry Christmas (or whatever celebration you prefer if you don't celebrate Christmas! :) and a lovely New Year! And to tell you how much I enjoy your posts and seeing your progress on all the lovely things you tat. Oh, yes, and thanks for sharing that handsome Mr. G with us as well!

  10. Hi, Fox,
    Hope you are OK. We hear terrible stories about snow causing so many problems in your area.
    Hope you have a Merry Christmas. Tattingrid

    1. Tattingrid!!! So good to hear from you and it is so strange as I was wondering yesterday how YOU were doing! Synchronicity! Love it.

      We are fine though lots of folks still have no light or heat. It is the worst ice storm in some 20 years. Many old trees fallen... Very sad.

      Happy Holidays and all the best to you and your family in 2014.
      Fox : )