Monday, December 30, 2013

Corrected and Completed

Well before the deadline in February, 
I finally got through the third attempt, 
or is it the fourth, of this gift. 

From the Dutch publication: De Frivolité(k)ring

Thread: #80 Lizbeth
Beads: 4 different kinds; white are vintage

For Scale


  1. Fabulous tatting Fox!
    What a fine thread!

  2. Stunning doily.
    I am very glad you like it as well, Fox, because I also like all your other attempts . But, you are right, this one is top.
    Where exactly did you find this pattern, if I may ask, mrs 007? I am obviously a member of frivolité kring Nederland, but I did not know they had publications.
    Thank you again for a year full of interesting tatting funny remarks, brave work,and your enthusiastic and inspiring blog. Was 2013 was your best tatting year so far?
    Do even better next year!!

    1. Hi, I'm back from Intatters,..hate it! Did not find the pattern. All I found is the Dagmar cross (very pretty by theway). You are obviously very good at searching this hell. What an ordeal.
      I saw your 108 motives! Wow! And you also graduated, they call you a 'mingler' now
      This must be some Anglo-saxon piece of humor that I also don't understand. And you can't call THEM names, whoever they are! Have to go to sleep. The new year will be earlier here than at your place , I think.
      Ratty? I wish my husband called me like that,...mmmm. Like rats, clever animals.

    2. Tally Tatty:
      Check this out:
      and also this:

    3. Tally Tatty,

      I removed the former comment. I sent you the links for interest only - the pattern is from a publication in The Netherlands and you have to be a member of the association to receive the booklet. My pattern was published there, so I was sent a complimentary copy. Copyright stuff - sorry!

  3. Choosing the right thread made a difference, didn't it? - because your shuttle flew through this version, and it is beautiful. How big is the piece?

    1. Yes, indeed Maureen, that Lizbeth did the trick! Lovely stuff. The piece is about 7 inches.
      Fox : )

  4. Beautifully done! It's amazing how much tatting went into this piece. Without the shuttle for comparison I took it for much larger.

  5. Lovely comments all. Thank you, Tatters!
    Fox : )

  6. Hi Fox

    Well done, another beautiful mat, I am sure whoever receives it will enjoy and treasure it.
    Love to Gian
    I wish you both a very happy new year

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks, Suz! 'Holy Moly' always makes me giggle. : ))