Thursday, May 2, 2013

Stawasz Success - So Far!


There is one round after this one and it will be done and I can begin the larger “doily.”

It is unfortunate that I was trying to just use my stash and chose the little balls of Olympus to begin as I have run out of pink and white and have only the lilac for the outer edge - not the best combo for the pattern, but there you have it.

At least the tatting, which is what it is all about anyway, is on track! I am amazed I am getting through this and not finding it too difficult. I hope this recent understanding of the Jan Stawasz patterns will extend and translate to the larger piece!


This fantastic hand-dyed thread comes all the way from Monica in Argentina! Thank you Monica.

We traded threads, and I trust that the Canada Post Corporation has not embarrassed me by not delivering my threads in good time... : O

I know exactly what I shall do with the #80...

When I was purchasing thread - Finca - for the large doily, in the Portuguese shop that I frequent for this thread, I spied some lovely linen squares on the counter. They are sold for crocheters to work around and make into large tablecloths or other things, like runners.

The linen is of a very good quality and the cutwork is pretty.  I purchased one square which measures 7X7 inches. 

The edges are rough and unraveled, but there were holes all around the square, so I was advised to crochet around the material through the holes and it would be perfect for adding a tatted edge.  The advice was indeed correct. 

The real deal looks much finer than this photo...

So, here is my next project, 
the relief work while I attempt the big “D”.

There is 50 meters of this #80 thread. I am wondering if that is enough to go around this little square, which is so much smaller than a small hankie. Any idea, tatters? I am going to use  Mary Konior pattern, a very simple one called Oakes and Acorn


  1. I think you will have to tat a sample and estimate from there. Your Stawasz doily is looking good. I like how the rings are twirling. Pink and purple . . . perfect!!

  2. Love the doily. This may be my favorite I've seen from that book so far. I guess I will have to break down and buy it one of these days.

  3. The Jan doily is looking great indeed! I love the asymmetrical flow in that pattern.

    And it is so exciting to see my threads in your blog! I would say you have plenty of thread for that, but I do not want to make a mistake and have you pay for it, so I secon Umintsuru's sugestion - tatt a short sample, and estimate from there. The *great* thing about the vreigation, is that you can tatt until you reach the same colour, and estimate really easily from there :-) (I do tat all the time with the thicker threads, I know I can get a simple earring from one colour repeat, and a bigger one from two...) I have never heard of that pattern, so I can't say any more there...

    Monica (I think blogger and wordpress are not playing nicely together today, and this is goign out as "anonymous"...)

  4. Just a little addition to my previous comment - if I remember correctly, each full colour repeat is about one meter long.

    And please, forgive my typos...

  5. I was going to suggest the same as Umintsuru and Monica. Put a measured amount on your shuttles and tat until you run out, then you will know how much thread it takes to go around the square.
    Those are pretty threads. Have fun

    I really like how your mat looks. Very nice tatting as always.

  6. Hi Fox

    Lovely colour combo what colour are you going to use on the last row.
    The hanky I would have said the same as Wendy and Monica so I won't repeat what good advice they have already given you. I think you will have enough.
    Love to Gian
    Have a nice weekend we have a bank holiday this weekend.

  7. Your doily is looking great! I did not skip play practice, so I have made no progress on my Jan Stawasz Doily VI. I'm trying to get chores finished tonight so that I can play tomorrow. Hmmm... I'm trying to get my chores done tonight and tomorrow so that I can play on Sunday (I just looked around and saw how much really needs to be accomplished).

    I think you'll have enough thread... just a guess! ;-)