Saturday, May 25, 2013

Angles and Omissions

 Inspired by Jeff, I just had to tat this.
He has done something quite marvellous with the triangles. Go see.
The pattern is from Susanne Schwenke’s “Spitzen-Kreationen."

An apology to Rachael,
and many thanks.

I totally forget. I had taken a photo and then misfiled it and so forgot to post this for Rachael over at InTatters. Here is a photo of her amazing surprise package.

We had engaged in a swap and she was more than generous, even sending a wonderful shuttle she made herself, fashioned from wood of a mesquite tree on her property.

You can see there is a cornucopia of thread there, all #40, my favourite, Lizbeth and HDT. And a little silver spoon charm.

You must see her tatting.

This was tatted in #100. 
Yes, you read that right: #100!

Fabulous, perfect picots and double stitches.

Lastly, I have grappled with an Iris Niebach pattern and wasted far too much time and thread. I will return to this when I have more patience... Grrrrrr.

It wasn’t the clunies that stumped me, but the directional turns in the pattern. I kept getting lost and the fd/bs situation was abysmal.


  1. Wow, that tiny flower is amazing! So sweet, to fit on a shuttle.

  2. Will you tat the entire doily, or stop at one motif? Rachel does send wonderful little packages. I have the urge to start an Iris Niebach pattern... a sure sign that school is almost out for summer!

  3. Hi Fox

    Your motif is lovely, are you going to make it into a doily like Jeff.

    What a lovely exchange well done, gorgeous gifts look forward to seeing what you do with the thread

    Beautiful flower and amazing tatted with 100 thread, she must have wonderful eyes and light.

    Hope you sort put the pattern the blue thread is lovely, hope you can sort out the directions to tat in.
    Love to Gian

  4. Your motif is awesome!!! :)
    I have set some patterns aside after trying over and over. I think it's best so that you don't end up hating it, and then maybe it can be tried again at a later time. :)

  5. your triangle motif is pretty and your tatting is beautiful as always. Are you going to do what Jeff did and add 5 more?
    That swap really netted you a bunch of good stuff.
    Iris's patterns can be like walking a path a drunk pigeon set up, but once done they are pretty.

  6. I like the triangle-what thread did you use? I saw this on Jeff's blog, too. Pretty neat. Nice swap, too!

  7. complimenti i lavori sono bellissimi , brava ciao.

  8. The triangular motif is very intriguing. Will you make more than one? I hope you get the pattern sorted out. It looks like it will be very pretty.

    1. Thanks, Mica.

      I might make a few more and join them... but will probably spend the time trying to do the last one. It is a beautiful pattern. Check it out on Frivole’s blog, which is where I found it in the first place.
      Fox : )