Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

Seems to be the story of my life these days. First the thumb - then the Honey Napkin; now I am back to this:

I had to cut of TWO COMPLETE ROWS!!!  Arghhhhh! I missed a step at the beginning of the first row I cut. There was no way to fix it without it showing.

At that point I gave myself permission to quit. I am not enjoying tatting this at all and wonder why I even started something so big that I do not even want to keep! The jury is still out; I don’t know if I will go any further.

So, I decided to tat a small motif from the new Jan Stawasz book and left out all but one of the rings on the last row! Honestly, I cannot seem to keep my mind my stitches, as it wanders all around or is captured by a movie, which is usually only background noise.

Lizbeth # 40 and something larger - left over.         #27/100 MC


  1. If you are going to pack away the Honey Napkin, at least make sure that you store it neatly with all remaining threads! - you will save yourself the frustration I am feeling at not being able to find the spare ball of thread I know I bought in order to complete a WIP that is now 18 months old.....
    Finish it one day, and then if you don't want to keep it you could have a giveaway - which I will enter because I really like it!

  2. I can sympathize, Fox. I sometimes throw away more thread than what gets tatted.
    I always think-if it's not enjoyable, then it's a waste of my free time to persevere, but that's a personal choice. You've put a lot of time and effort into the napkin. I think it looks great just the way it is!

  3. I still think your Honey Napkin is awesome!! :)
    Pretty motif!! :)

  4. I'd be tempted to set the Honey Napkin aside for a while... maybe even forever!

    I love the Jan Stawasz motif, and I can't see the "mistake"... or should I say new design element? I'm still patiently waiting for my copy to arrive... sigh!

  5. Great input, Everyone. Thanks!

    Maureen, I did have that thought, as I have just purchased that ball of thread for the rest of it. I think I will heed your advice and my initial thoughts and pack it all away for now, because I might just want to pick it up later - though I do not know why!
    Fox : ))

  6. Oh dear! Perhaps you need a break. I can feel your frustration. The new motif looks lovely in "Fox" colours.

    Gian, Tsuru says someone needs a huge hug from you!

  7. Hi Fox

    I think the honey mat needs a little rest, don't go using the thread you brought on something else, if you do put it away for a while don't forget to put the thread with it, then you won't get the problem of buying more thread that could be a slightly different shades.

    Lovely motif, the book is on my wish list I can't buy it at the moment, I still don't have a job and still waiting for the appointment at the hospital.
    Gian your mistress needs a hug, a nice hug with love

    1. Thanks, Margaret. Gian has been heeding your advice - lots of hugs!
      xxooxx Fox : )

  8. My two cents? I would make one final, more decorative row and finish there. Or/and put it away until next year... see then if you still hate/like it because I think it would look great with some greenery on a festive Christmas table. It's a great shade of red!

    Then take a big break and only do small motifs that you enjoy for a while... to restore your faith!

    1. I know. I was so sad that the beige row had to be cut off as it held the whole thing together well...
      I may still continue. Maybe I just need to change shuttles... : ))