Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I Have A Plan

Yes, I have decided on a way I can get through this baby! You will have to wait to see the next round, which is fast approaching, to see what I have in mind... I hope it works...

Meanwhile, here is the update on the 14th row. You can see how large it is in comparison to Renulek's partially completed motif beneath it, which is in the second stage of its existence as I re-tat it...

I am using #20 Lizbeth, a gift from Denise, which does feel very thick, as I have not tatted with something this large in a long time! But, a terrific colour red!

#31/100 Lizbeth #20

** Thanks to Frivole
I can now tell you 
this is Renulek’s pattern!

p.s. Sorry Tat-Land!
I had to re-instate the verification code... 
Too much spam and I am even using a Mac!
What is wrong with people anyway?


  1. Your doily is looking fabulous(as if I can say that enough...)!!! :)
    And the motif is cute!! :)
    I am on round 7 of my doily and have one more, plus an edge that goes around it left. The edge will take quite some time I think, but I can't wait to see it done!!! :) (oh, it won't be as awesome as yours though) :D

  2. Oh, Sue! Big is not necessarily best! I am looking forward to seeing your doily completed.
    Fox : ))

    1. I wasn't actually meaning that yours being bigger is best, just that your tatting is awesome(to me at least), and I love your color choice!!! :)
      I was hoping to have my doily done this weekend, but life(and parents) have prevented much tatting this week, so......we will see if next weekend proves to have a finished project(maybe the foot or two of snow they are forecasting in the weather here will keep my parents from wanting to go out anywhere-but I won't hold my breath on that.) :D

    2. I was joking with you!

      Good luck finding the time to grow the tatting!
      Fox : )

  3. Fingers crossed! I like the little motif. Did you find it on the internet? I'm working on onion rings, so looking for patterns that use them. Wonderful red!

  4. Yes, Jane. It is out there somewhere in cyberspace...I just forget where! That should teach me to download and LABEL things - but it never does. : (

  5. Hi Fox this looks like the centre of a motif I just made: see this post ( It is by Renulek. And when you saw it on my blog, you said you thought you'd made it before. So you had obviously printed it if not made it before! I like that centre too, it's very appealing.

  6. Hi Fox

    That mat is looking lovely, and wow it's getting to be a tablecloth
    Oh dear you missed a bit on the little mofit, we have all done it, I am sure the next time you will remember your mistake and it will be fine
    Love to Gian

  7. 14 rows... wow! I admire your ability to stick with it! That red sure is pretty. I may have to look for that pattern myself!

  8. I do like that red on your little motif. Wow, seeing the napkin with the motif really shows the sizes well! Your napkin is stunning . Will it grace a dining table once it's complete?

  9. Stupid me, I should've realised it's the same as Frivole's one, it looks so different in different colours! Now to find it on Renulek's blog, thanks.