Monday, July 25, 2011

Test Tatting Triumph!

Look at this!  
Sharon has been designing again,
and asked me to test one of her new patterns:


When I saw that pattern I was a bit nonplussed, thinking I had for sure bitten off more than I could possibly chew. Once I got going and took it one step at a time, I realized it was totally do-abe and that I could really have fun with it.  

So I did.  I picked the colours and the beads and in that dastardly heat set about to tat a fine choker.

The adding of the longer dangle of beads was a new trick for me, and adding the beads in the correct order is always a challenge.  After the fourth try, I got it right!

Unfortunately, (here comes an old chestnut...) I used an old ball of defective #20 Lizbeth that I had not had the heart to throw away. I had forgotten how disgustingly uneven the texture is and how there are knots and twists throughout. I really should not be using this thread, but if I toss the defects, I will eliminate a lot of good colours.  Grrr.

Also, the #20 Lizbeth feels as if I am tatting with straw!  It feels HUGE.  That is due to the fact that I am tatting something else with a rayon thread that Suneeti gave me that is so very fine that I am astounded I am almost finished tatting a motif with it that I will post soon. (It is as small as the stuff Snowy tats with!)  I think I am becoming addicted to threads that are smaller than #20.

Anyway, this  choker took only three days to tat, the band part taking the longest time.  It is a challenging pattern and the final result is very pleasing. Also, it actually fits very well.  It could be tatted on a finer thread and be worn on the hand, or it could be adapted for a foot, so it is quite versatile as well.

The new patterns should be available very soon.  Thank you Sharon for the neat opportunity!


  1. You're a good one to test tat since a lot of the patterns tend to stymie you for awhile. If you can tat it, anyone can!

    I prefer using size 30/40/50. While I do like the delicacy in size 70 or 80, I really have to be in a certain mindset to enjoy the actual tatting. It takes a lot more focus than the other sizes do.

  2. You've done a lovely job of tatting this cute pattern!

  3. Very nice! I think chokers are beautiful, but I don't wear them. I feel like I'm being... choked! : )

  4. So that is what you have been tatting. Nice!!

  5. very nice! i'm not a tatted jewellery fan but this choker looks wonderful. good job, fox.

  6. Well done on a lovely piece of tatting, and trying out a new idea, I have not tried a long string of beads yet either. well done for trying.

  7. Great job test tatting! This choker is so pretty. Those dangly beads at the bottom add sparkle - I must try this new technique soon!

  8. That's a great pattern Fox and nicely tatted, I would love to see what it looks like on.