Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tatfully Yours Treats tat-ology

... to a wonderful fun-filled day!

There was a Canada Day Fair at the harbour, sunshine, boats, shopping, a stroll through town, followed by a yummy lunch, treats and thread and tatting-talk!  Thank you, Kelly for a lovely visit; I had a lot of fun!

And Gian is also enjoying his weekend.  He is settling in well and seems to have developed an uncanny interest in tatting thread...

Another motif from The Tatters Treasure Chest:

I just love this motif; I find the symmetry, the shape and the proportions intensely pleasing. Unfortunately, I do not feel quite the same about the thread - the Perle #8, for which I have lost the love. It is so soft and I could not get it to hold its shape unless I pulled the stitches so tightly that they were distorted.  So, I will have to try this in the thread Kelly has given me.

That thread is a Coats, lilac, size #30, which I have never seen before.  Perhaps it is quite old.  I am eager to try this pattern with it.

This pattern did, of course, cause me some grief early in the game: there were a number of false starts.  And it is not even difficult - but I think I could have used Gina's eagle eye with the directions, as I do believe there was a mistake that was not mine!

Took me a long time to trust my instincts and to tat it the way I thought I should according to the photo and not the instructions as they stood. Slowly, I am learning!


  1. I`m so glad you had a good time on Saturday!! No thanks are needed I really loved having you out!! Any time you feel like getting out of the city just call and we can make some plans or just have a day of tatting!!

  2. That is a beautiful motif! I feel the need to pull that book off the shelf now. I think I need a change from what I've been doing. The bright colors you're using are absolutely luscious!

  3. Your "onion rings" are so good and symmetrical- lovely work!

  4. I like that motif. It should tat up crisply in the #30, and I look forward to seeing the beautiful, beady result.
    Sounds like you had a very nice day.

  5. Ohhh yeah, I know a cat like that! My suggestion-- put rubber bands around all your balls of thread.

    I like the shape of that motif very much.

  6. After seeing your marvelous motif, I too will pull that book off the shelf. Lots and lots of lovely potential will this one! And your tatting only adds to the pleasure of it.

  7. I'm so glad Gian is so comfortable with his new surroundings! Somehow, I doubt that his fiber art would please you.

    I love that motif - I will have to dig out that book for another look again too. It's funny how thread love changes with certain projects :)

  8. Sounds like a fun day! I've been able to meet a few blog friends here and there and have one in my new local tatting group called "The Bonneville Tatters" It's kind of fun so I think it's so fun to be able to meet blogging friends!
    Your Motif from the Tatters Treasure Chest is really lovely. That is another one of my favorite tatting books and it was probably my favorite until I discovered Mary Konior a few years ago! :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog recently!
    ~TattingChic ♥

  9. Pippa really appreciates rubber bands around the balls of thread, makes it easier for her to pick up! LOL
    I’m late to hear about glad he has a forever home and owns a lovely lady. Has that ‘mystery gift’ EVER showed up? (LOL answer privately) Perhaps YOU should send an inquiry. :>) We’ve been reading the Home inspection on our Sacramento house, deciding what we want them to fix....I hate buying real estate... bj

  10. Sounds like a great day! Gian really is giving that thread his FULL concentration isn't he? Maybe he is trying to understand why it is so important to you - what a wonderful, supportive fellow!

    That's a very pretty motif! I'm especially liking it in the green.

    :) Ann

  11. The motif is gorgeous in that delightful colour, despite the thread. (Heehee, I'm secretly glad that you don't like Perle cotton...)

  12. Hi Fox, looks like you have a "tatting buddy" hope he isn't a thread hog. he he he
    your motif is very nice, you have great onion rings going for you. very nice work.
    threads to make a difference.

  13. Ooooh, great motif! I love the colors too! :)

  14. Fox if you like stuff like this you really need to look at Tina Frauberger patterns. They are WONDERFUL>>>>>>>>>
    Love seeing what you experiment with!

  15. I love these comments!

    Liyarra, I will check check it out!

    Fox : )