Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Suneeti Sparks Stronger Skills

Yes, I am definitely seeing some improvement in my tatting. The stitches are noticeably  tighter and more uniform. Also, in that  I have no tattoos on my finger any more  (totally GONE: total waste of $$!) the picots look surprisingly wonderful!

You see, during our marathon visit, my friend Suneeti noticed that the first part of my ds was quite a bit looser than the second half.  I practiced and tested my method of tatting and she watched and commented. What a joy - to have someone right there in the flesh to provide solid  and immediate feedback!

The top  pattern was tatted in Olympus and Altin Basak, both about #30, I think.

The pattern is from this lovely book that I know I am going to enjoy - the contents are pretty straight  forward and do not appear to be difficult in any way.

On the right is Jon's little snowflake, which I posted a few days ago. It has also been tatted utilizing Suneeti's suggestion, and the stitches are the most consistent of any I have previously worked.


From Auntie To My Sis - A Treasure!

Before she came to Toronto for a visit last week, Sis asked Auntie if she had any old lace hidden away.  So Sali went on a treasure hunt through her cupboards and unearthed this:

At first we thought there was tatting here, but it is all lacework (about which I know zip!) and also some Irish Crochet.  There are a lot of clunies.

It is all very old as it came from a nursing home that was run by another aunt way back in the 1940's. A lot of ladies who retired to the home left very old things (some dating from the 1800's)  behind when they departed.

Sis will use these pieces in her "Crazy Quilt" stuff and I kept a few pieces to perhaps add into something tatted:

I cannot but think of the woman or women who produced these tiny lace treasure and imagine she would be pleased to see her endeavours appreciated by other women a number of generations away from hers. This makes me very happy.   : )


  1. What??? The tattoos are gone? I am suprised - what a bummer.

    Your observations (or Suneetis, rather) about the difference in the first and second halves of your ds are interesting. I will have to watch my own now, and see if that's why I never think my tatting looks nice and even!

    And those women from generations back would be thrilled, no doubt!

  2. Thanks for sharing your wonderful treasures!!! I believe that the women who did these lovely pieces are smiling down and happy to see others enjoying their work!!

  3. I love the way you are always striving to improve your tatting. We should all do that!

  4. Your motif and snowflake are great! Love the colors! :)

  5. Your picots are looking great, Fox. I agree about the lace. I know I like to think that the lace I produce in my life time will still be bringing pleasure to people in generations to come.

  6. how absolutely wonderful!!! what a treasured find!

  7. Hi Fox,

    What a beautiful find and lovely treasures of lace making years ago, I am sure whoever made them is smiling down on you for sharing her lovely work. Your tatting looks lovely and the snowflake looks beautiful in those colours. I am sorry to hear your tatoo has disappeared I thought they would last for many years to come.

  8. You're too funny! I really enjoyed our visit and, to my eye, your tatting looks as impeccable as always. Suneeti

  9. I didn't know that tattoos could disappear! Too much tatting? Too much hand washing? Very strange...

    Your tatting looks terrific! How nice that Suneeti was able to give you some tips. I'm looking forward to getting some tips tomorrow when I meet up with a couple of tatting buddies... more on that later. ; )

    I love the collection of lace! Maybe someday, someone will ooh and ah over my collection. Then again, it may all end up in a yard sale... I hope not!

  10. Your tatting is very crisp and even! Yay Suneeti!
    What a bummer about the tattoo.
    That's a treasure of lace your Aunt unearthed, and I can imagine what beautiful work your sister will create with them.