Thursday, July 28, 2011

So Blessed

Tatting has opened a whole universe to me - not just in an artistic way,  but in the realm of friendship.  I have met such wonderful women since I started tatting and tat-ology.  The harmony, generosity, affection and good will that exists between people, many of whom  I suspect must dwell on opposite sides of the religious, political, economic and social street from one another, never fails to astound and delight me.

Acts of kindness abound here in Tat-Land.  Another one occurred just a few minutes ago when I went to my mailbox.

You recall I tossed mt shuttles in the garbage?  Well, I tried to order one of my favourite shuttles  -  a pansy beauty -  from across The Pond, from LaCossette, my shuttle supplier par excellence - who informed me that "Pansy' was no longer available.  I was very sad to hear that. But...

Today In The Mail!

Isdihara, Thank you!
Thank You, LaCossette!

This  lovely plot hatched between LaCossette and Isdihara 
has made me a happy tatter!

I have already been tatting with this brand new baby, as it is the perfect pattern and colour for the motif I have just begun!

Perfect, nest'ce pas?

This is not the end of the mail delights!  I LOVE receiving mail from afar - it is a long-lasting happiness I still carry of my experiences as a youngster growing up in letter-writing times, who had 'pen-pals' for years.  There was always a thrill in finding envelopes with strange stamps, sporting evidence of other cultures and languages, addressed to me in the mailbox.

Today a letter with some lovely green thread and a pretty tatted motif arrived from ARGENTINA!  Thank you Monica!

It has been a good day.  Gian, however, is not impressed.  Do I see the emergence of certain bad-ass, Vader-like traits in the works here?  Hmmm...


  1. Gian is adorable.
    What a lovely plot your friends hatched!
    There are so many wonderful and generous people in Tatland and Blogland I have 'met' through modern technology. A Blessing indeed.
    Enjoy your pansy.

  2. Hmm - I always wonder what Vader does during the day. Can a cat buy a ticket to Toronto?

    Isdihara is such a sweetie - the shuttle is lovely!

  3. I am glad to have been a part of a nice day. Thanks for posting the pic, I could not for the life of me remember what I had sent you, LOL. I agree that getting surprises in the mail is one of those great pleasures!

    I love your pansy shuttle. That is a thoughtful gift indeed! Oh, and I know what you are starting! I actually started it too, had some problems and decided to stop after the third round - I wanted to photograph it today and I could not find it! I will have to search for it...


  4. You are so very welcome, Fox!

    It was too horrible to imagine you without your LaCossette shuttles. (Oh, the horror!)

    So on June 29: Shuttle Shock, I contacted LaCossette about replacing one of your shuttles as a gift.

    Credit for the rest really belongs to LaCossette. I had no idea she had discreetly taken Pansy shuttles off the market so you could not order one of your own. (So clever!) She custom-made the shuttle for you especially, shipped it, and even wrote out the lovely card. She deserves every bit of thanks and praise we can send her way.

  5. I love the flowers she puts on those shuttles and you are very fortunate to get another.
    Since I don't use bobbin shuttles, it would be a waste for me to buy them but I do have one for my collection.

  6. Tatters are such wonderful people!

    I guess it's pretty obvious who owns the bed. Are you relegated to curling up in one tiny little corner like me, while the feline overlord takes up the entire rest of the bed?

  7. Miranda - It's like living with Stalin...
    : )) Fox

  8. You all know the quote "Happiness is being owned by a cat", don't you? :wink:

  9. Hi Fox,
    I weighed Umi again today 4.2 kg. She is getting her pouch back. Gian is looks really contented.

    Cats are connoisseurs of comfort
    ~James Herriot~

    Your pansy shuttle is so pretty. What a lovely surprise from IsDihara and La Cossette. You deserve such kind dear friends.

  10. Oh Fox! How WONDERFUL to have people conspiring FOR you!!! You are definitely feeling the love today! You are a person I am so glad to have "met."

  11. Yes, Ann, ou are right! I am sure feeling the love to-day!
    Fox : )

    Thanks, Everyone, for these great comments!

  12. Oh wow Fox, what a lovely gifts, I agree tatters are wonderful group of friendly people who share, and Gian looks at home on the bed, I can see thats where she spends most of her days.


  13. So...the million dollar question remains...

    What will you tat with that lovely green thread?