Monday, July 11, 2011

Seeing Stars

I saw them all right: stars.  Lots of them, but they were not tatted! Haematoma.  Concussion.  My poor noggin!

This is the window in my kitchen - a casement window that opens into the narrow, galley kitchen and blends in with pure air.

 I never see it.  So, I have TWICE walked straight into it, and once stood up from a crouch , smashing the top  of my head into the lower edge.  Not pretty.  I still have a small, still-disappearing pea-like bump in the middle of my forehead after seven months!

Last night, after NEARLY walking into it yet again, in spite of paper strips I had hanging there as a warning, I had a brain wave (not gone yet!):

Brilliant!  These are really old motifs and I do not care if they get wrecked.  I notice them every time I approach the kitchen.

Tatting just catches my attention  - like magic!


Some of you had comments about Thread Heaven.  Take a look at the site.  I think it is supposed to be sort of waxy and hard - not a gel at all, as far as I can tell. I would not buy it again.

Jane's Small Motif and Fandango patterns have kept me 
busy and far away from the hankie!

(Nice beads, Suz?  Thanks!)


Almost forgot.
My sister reminded me of a trick we used to do
when beading embroidery - the old masking tape comes in handy!


  1. Oh dear, are you sure you didn't hit your head again? You have tatted 2 motifs in a row with no beads.

    Now that is a practical use for tatting! I've put tatted motifs in my windows to keep the birds from flying into them. Not that my windows are that sparkly clean, just that the birds are that dumb. It did do the trick, and you're way smarter than a bird!

  2. ...I have used thread heaven years ago but never for for anything tatting related. I used it for when I did bead work and hand quilting. I really like it for that. It was a great for when I did bead work on my buckskin regalia.

  3. Brilliant idea for warning you about the window... tatting always catches my eye, too!

    Love the new shuttle!

  4. What a great idea! I have a cabinet in the bathroom that opens similarly and regularly attacks, especially when cleaning the bathroom...
    I really like the small motif, esp the greenish one!

  5. What a lovely idea and so very decorative! Ooo..I just keep thinking how much that must have hurt to hit into that!! Ouch! Glad you have come up with such a fanTATstic solution ;) (yes I know it is misspelled but, just couldn't resist)

  6. I used my thread heaven yesterday and it's a hard waxy square, just like beeswax, as you said. I could tell I'd used it before from the indentation. LOL! I only used it to help me thread a needle while hiding ends on the headband motifs. I would not likely use it to prepare thread for tatting although the Omega would probably benefit from it, helping to slide knots slicker.

  7. Great idea for your window, Fox, and thanks for sharing the tape tip.

  8. Oh poor head of yours. Hope the bumps go away and you'll not walk into the window pane again. Love the idea of hanging those snowflakes there. :)

    Jane's motifs are pretty. I just never get the habit of tatting with variegated threads.

    Thanks for the masking tape tip! The "jumping beads" sure need something to stick them together. LOL

  9. Noggin!!!!! ROFLOL you sure you're not an Aussie???

    Great idea though. Makes me wish I had windows like that the have a reason to hang stuff from !!!
    Looks great. Hope the head is feeling better.

  10. Hope the only stars you see are tatted ones! Your poor head! And the beads look just fine. lol

  11. My husband is constantly smacking his head on the same window, I don't know what it is, he knows it is there, he knows it stick out, and I am always saying, don't hit your, too late,,,,, smack

    I do hope your poor head heals up lumpless, and really glad you hung your motifs on it :D if you need to cover it to keep from hitting it, then by all means, motif bling that thing!