Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Scrumptious Stardate

The pattern, 'Sahmura', is from Jon's new book; the thread is Altin Basik, given to me by Suneeti; the pink beads are from umintsuru,  the hand-dyed thread is 'Stardate', by Yarnplayer;

All mistakes
 - mainly in that there are only five points in this one - 
are mine!

Yes, I completely missed that last segment of the pattern, knowing that something was not quite right, but mystified till the end as to what the problem was.

The green motif is tatted in that rayon thread that I described in Monday's post.  The very skinny stuff. It is really kind of addictive.

Back to Jon's motif - tatting this pattern was a totally relaxing experience!  When do I ever use the descriptor 'relaxing' to describe my time with a shuttle? Well, it's true!  After the first time around, which I always seem to need, and figuring out that there are six points not five, my shoulders dropped about half a foot and the rest was all good.

Still perplexed by the countless hours I devote to the threads, tatting into the wee hours, absorbed by the double stitch so that I have at least halved my reading time to devote it to tatting, I question the validity of what I am doing.  "You think too much," were the words I heard growing up, over and over again.

As a life-long ponderer and armchair philosopher, not having a purpose or a plan attached to a course of action is unsettling, at odds with my usual modus operandi.

Usually my life strategies are pretty much goal-oriented.  After two, now almost three years of continual tatting, I would think that I would have either given it up or come to some kind of conclusion about this perplexing conundrum.

I need more Zen.


  1. Hi Fox,

    You and me both I also need more Zen, and a bit of yen thrown in.
    Beautiful motifs I love the first one, they are so beautiful. well done (mistakes I never saw any)

  2. I like them both!
    I think you can't think too much but I do understand what you're saying.
    Will you check your email? : )

  3. Tatting is an end in itself, isn't it?

    I really like the motif. I never would have thought to pair Stardate with any other color, but the pink is nice.

  4. Yes, Miranda, it certainly is, but I always have this annoying conversation with myself anyway! It is just who I am!
    Fox : ))

  5. Hi Fox, Do you know that song sung by Sheryl Crow ~ If it makes you happy (tatting), it can't be that bad.

    Love the colours of the motif you tatted in Stardate. It could be a pentagon or a hexagon and I wouldn't call it a mistake.

  6. They're both pretty! I also like how you've added the seed beads in the top one.

  7. Funny, I never find your descriptions of your conversations with yourself annoying. ;-)

    Your five and six-sided motifs are vibrant and striking - great color choices for threads and beads!

    After I started tatting daily (about three years ago) I discovered the Zen and hope to never wander away from it again. (Can you imagine tatting off and on for 20-something years and not noticing the Zen?)

  8. One last thing, love your pretty lily shuttle!

  9. I like them both, but when I saw the picture of the first one (the one with Stardate), I thought, "Cotton Candy!" I love it! You have a terrific eye for color, Fox.

  10. Your tatting is beautiful. I would not have known you had any error. Of course I don't tat...yet! I am trying to learn but my need to have more ZEN in my life allows me to put away that little shuttle and thread that frustrates me so. Sunshine Summer Smiles...

  11. Both look great and I love the fun colors! :)

  12. Createology, Maybe you should pick up a tatting needle! They are easier in a way than shuttles and produce lovely tatted lace just the same. Keep your Zen and acquire an art!
    Fox : ))