Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Questions for Tat-land...

Taking my lead again from Tatting Fool, I finished Jane's Small Motif pattern, using beads from Miranda and thread from Kelly. (LOVE the Coats #30!)

All in all I am pleased with it, but I was confused about how to add the first bead that does not  sit in a split ring like the rest.  So it is free on the top of the ring, ( coming from the shuttle thread, as normal beads do in a picot at the top of a ring) while the others are held on with the ball thread, that sort of wraps over the top of the bead - as they would be if threaded on the ball thread in non-split-ring tatting. Anyone know what I am referring to? I could not figure this out!

Another question:  I could not figure out how to add the first bead on the false picot at the beginning, to be like the remaining ones.  Can this be done so that there is no thread lying over the bead?


  1. For the bead on the top ring, to get it to lie on the core thread, do not put that bead on the thread around your hand when you start the ring, but instead leave it on the shuttle thread. When you are ready, slide it up in place.

    For the bead where you climb up to the split ring, the only thing I know is to unwind the shuttle and pass the thread through the bead with a needle. I have occasionally been desperate (or stubborn) enough to do this.

  2. Martha! Oh no! That is what I was afraid of!

    Because I had not tatted this before, I was just trying to get the pattern done, so I did not mess around too much with that first bead... enough to know there was a problem, however! Thank you for clarifying the situation for me!
    Fox : 0

  3. Tatting Fool did a tutorial for LTR (loop tatted ring) where you can add a bead before beginning the ring, allowing the bead to be properly 'threaded' on the the motif.

    It's a brilliant technique! You can find it here: http://tattingfool.blogspot.com/2010/11/loop-tatted-rings-how-and-why.html
    Hopefully this will do the trick for you !!

  4. Your motif looks great! Sorta princess like to me. :)

  5. Martha's right, you would have to either unwind the shuttle or cut and tie after each round. That's why I didn't put any beads on those picots.

    For the beads on the split rings, I put all 6 of them on shuttle 2. For the first split ring in the outer round, I used shuttle 2 as the core thread. I moved the bead up to the thread around my hand and tatted 3-3, bead, 3/3, sliding the bead into place on that top picot just like normal. For the other 5 SR's in this round, I used shuttle 1 as my core thread so that the join to the previous round would be made on the first half of the SR. When making the second half, I just slid the bead up from the shuttle between stitches. The bead thus ends up being carried on the picot and looks the same as normal.

  6. Miranda, My brain was slithering around that part - making the split ring part 2 the one to join the other ring, but i could not grasp why I would do that. Thanks. You have made it abundantly clear why I would do so!

    greytimneh, Thank you! I have to try this technique as it is one I am not familiar with. Not sure if it could be used where I want help, but I am going to see how it IS used, as it looks neat.

    Fox : )

  7. Unfortunately, the loop tatted ring won't work when you need a split ring. It is a great technique, but alas, not the answer for this pattern.

  8. It is a great technique, and though it won't help you climb out to round two, it will allow you to bead the center ring picots (which is the one I thought was the problem). It wasn't till I grabbed my shuttles and tried it out that I realized the problem was climbing out to round two... sigh... I never noticed that the climb out bead in your sample was a different orientation!

    I think I'll head back to my "thread only" motifs and leave those pesky beads to all of you :)

  9. I learned to put beads in the split ring from Jane’s tutorial. She will even do a tutorial just for you, if you ask the question. I’m often getting ‘little tips’ because I go ahead and write down my (to me) dumb questions; even tho I know there are no dumb questions. I have so many of her tutorials run off that I have a binder for them...when I get stuck, I look it up...And tutorials from others, too. Like Jon or Marie S tutorial on split chains.
    I have a lot of problems with inverted chains and have decided it just takes me more practice to be successful. LOL xxx bev

  10. Thank you for your valuable comments.

    I have learned a lot from your informative suggestions and appreciate your time and effort in helping me with this mystery!
    : )) Fox

  11. Fox, un patrón bellísimo y muy dificil. Te quedo ¡¡HERMOSO!! Felicidades