Friday, July 8, 2011

The Master's New Moniker

He wasn't responding to the other name and I was having a hard time tripping over different pronunciations, so enough was enough!   (Pronounced Guy′ - Us)
Gaius \gaius\ as a boy's name is of Latin origin, and the meaning is "happy". Probably the root of the word "gay", which used to mean "jolly". Also a biblical name, and the name of a Roman jurist in the second century.

Update Later In July...  
Gian Stuck!  
Gaius was a temporary misadventure. 
We are now over it. 
Monsieur responds well to Gian.
 I am not stumbling over the vowels anymore!


Now, look the postman delivered!

Back in May, I told Isdihara I liked what she was tatting and ta-da!

It arrived yesterday in my mailbox!  Thank you Isdihara for the card, which had lovely sentiments inside and the fantastic motif that I keep fondling! The tension in the stitches is so good *sigh*. I keep comparing it to my sadly flopping motifs.

However, we tatters are never satisfied; here is what Isdihara has to say about her tatting:
...I refer to my uber-tight tension tendencies as "deathgrip tatting."
When I read that, I could NOT stop laughing!  Sorry, Isdihara, but I HAD to share that!  Too funny not to!

Next, A Surprise WIP...

...followed by a question...
What are you supposed to do with this?  

How do you run your thread over it when the stuff becomes reduced?  Or does it diminish in quantity at all, ever? I feel so dumb, but I am baffled as how this can help with shredded thread that I can't manoeuvre into the little box, or am I supposed to take the insides stuff out of the box or melt it or eat it?


  1. ack!! blogger lost my comment

    nice gift package, Isdihara is a great tatter,
    nice name for this cat
    very pretty tatting you could use it for an ....wait for it..... EDGING (he he he) on a pillow case, curtain, or.... or you could applique it to something as an enhancement, a hat for Boss, Mini-boss??
    as for the thread heaven, rub your fingers in it, then run the thread through your fingers, will work as well.

  2. I've always laid a single strand of thread on the 'gel', and then used my thumb to push the thread into the gel while pulling the thread along the length I need covered. I've only used it if I'm tatting with rough crochet thread, though, because I also tend toward deathgrip tatting :)

    The website says almost the same thing

  3. Great name! I like it!

    I was just as JoAnn's on Wednesday and saw that thread conditioner too and wondered how it would work. Let us know...

  4. Ya know, I didn't want to say anything, but I never was sure about Gian. Gaius works much better, IMHO.

    How nice of Isdihara to send that to you!

  5. Gaius is just gorgeous! Those eyes are quite spellbinding! His new name suits him just fine!

    It would seem that Isdahara's motif must have been done with three shuttles! I have trouble controlling two! The pattern seems quite complex, but a lovely result!

    I'm intrigued by the beautiful thread in your WIP.

  6. Ladytats and Red,

    This stuff is NOT gel! Maybe it is too old, for it is a waxy hard substance that just sits there and does nothing! It does not come off on my fingers or the thread.

    What means this?
    Fox : 0

  7. I have this and also beeswax. As someone said, just lay it on top of the stuff, hard or soft, with just enough pressure fromr your finger or thumb to keep it in contact with it. Pull with the other hand. I'm not sure I've ever used my thread heaven yet. I liked the beeswax when I used it but my impression is that the thread heaven is even lighter on the thread.

  8. Gaius is a great name for such a handsome lad. And he looks so pleased with it.

    Isn't Isdihara a love?

    On the thread conditioner - sounds like it's old. Perhaps a moment in the microwave would awaken it.

  9. Eat it... oh, my! I think I'll have to figure out how to use the stuff myself. I never even considered eating it... back to the drawing board! ; )

    Love your new goodies and the cat's name... gotta go... hubby's waiting impatiently to get on the road, but I just had to comment!

  10. Gina, i think it i too hard to pull thread ax=cross - nothing happens.

    Microwave, CM? Well, I don't even have one, and I am not sure I would nuke this stuff if I did. I might end up in Dar Es Salaam or Nunavut! It is strange looking stuff
    Fox : )

  11. you might need to take it to a sewing/thread store and ask them, it doesn't sound right to be that hard. I think it is a silicone based product and as such it should be slippery. I have some, and it is quite hard, but if you warm it a bit, it softens. hold it in your hand or maybe put it in a sealed plastic bag and set it in warm water for a few minutes. you don't want to get it wet, just warm it. (course you could just stick it in your arm pit for a few)

  12. As warm as it is here, I think a few minutes in my parked car would melt it unless it has turned to stone. Seriously, I would check their website for information. It may be that the product is old. If it is a recent purchase, the company will want to know someone is selling old stock and may even replace it for you.

    Isdihara's motif is really lovely. What a treasure for your collection! And I look forward to seeing what you have in mind for the edgings.

  13. Love your cat as always. I also love that motif from Isdihara.

    Curious about your WIP!!!

  14. Gaius suits him well. He is a very handsome cat.

    It was very nice of Isdihara to send you the gifts.

    I've never used Thread Heaven, but I think it is supposed to be wax-like (the website listed above says you can take it out of the box if desired). Seems to me that a gel would be harder to control how much goes on the thread. Be sure to share your experiences with the stuff, as I've considered buying it a few times.

  15. He is such a handsome cat! Does he respond better to being called Gaius?

  16. The motif by Isdihara is very lovely and the colors are going well together! Gaius is a handsome cat, and the new name sounds quite nice. Your color combinations are always very pretty and your edging looks looks good. As for the thread conditioner, is it meant to soften the thread so that is slides nicely as you tat? We don't get it here, but I am definately going to try beeswax.

  17. Beautiful kitty.
    As for the thread heaven, if it is hard(like a pebble)it has dried out, so to speak. If you warm it up it should soften back up. I've gotten to the very bottom of a container where's there's only a bit left in the very corners, and scooped it out into an altoids mini tin to make it easier to access. I've also placed said tin, in a ziplock bag and placed it in boiling water. I boiled the water first, then let it sit for about 10 minutes. Let it cool before you attempt to get at it. It normally softens up and I can use it again. If it's more like hand sanitizer consistency, let it sit longer and like jello it will thicken.

  18. Gaius is a super name!
    How nice of Isdihara to send you the motif. It's gorgeous.
    I thought thread heaven was used like the beeswax, and you draw a needle and thread through it to condition the thread. But I've never used it in my beading.