Friday, July 15, 2011

Ladytats Largesse

Ladytats!  Look what she sent to me.  She had offered me some thread and I was smitten with a ball of #80, a colourway that I had never seen before - great green variegated vintage stuff, I think.  So, I was looking forward to receiving mail from her.

Imagine my surprise when a BOX arrived in the mail containing all these amazing goodies: HDT, #80 almost matching thread!, a lovely Altoids tin and two other handy plastic containers, an old bobbin type metal shuttle with a spare plastic bobbin, a pretty bookmark, a postcard haling from her corner of Tat-land AND best of all the her very own pattern that goes with it!  WOW!  Thank you, Ladytats!

Of cours,e I had to try out that shuttle right away!  Not bad!  I like it.

A sharp pick (uh-oh!)  and a bobbin in one shuttle - great idea.  Why have they stopped making this type I wonder, as it works very well.  You can unpick and use the point as an Aero style hook as well. Obviously it was not produced for a reason - probably economic, but whatever, it is a good design.

LOVE the variegated#80 thread.  It tats up beautifully.  I have become a real fan of this stuff!

Ohhh, the little tins.  I am not one for decoupage or decorating things, however Suneeti gave me some wonderful Japanese paper that I pasted on the Altoids tin, which is large enough for a small project and two shuttles.  Love it.

I use regular glue, then coat it about three times with clear dollar-store nail polish.  Never thought I would ever buy the stuff, as nail polish does not exist in my universe, but it is great for covering Altoids tins! I use the tin CrazyMom gave me ages ago every single day.

See, there it is again: the generosity of Tat-land.  One does not have to look very far to find it

❄  ❄ ❄  ❄  ❄  ❄

One tatted goody to show you.  

#13 Motif Challenge
Jon's 'Floret'

I got to thinking how I am looking forward to Jon's new pattern book, and admitted that though I have tatted a few patterns in her first snowflake book, there are many I have not.  So, I thought I'd begin tatting a few of those before I cave (which,of course I will!)  and order that new gem when it is ready for distribution! Her patterns are such fun and are easy to follow - a real bonus for me.

The antics of
(the name stuck!)
have had me belly-laughing!  
I marvel at how he came to be here...


  1. You mean Gaius, right? : )

    The bookmark is beautiful! I have a few shuttles like that one, that's what I learned with but I can't use them now to save my life, bloody tatting.

    Jon's Floret (not to be confused with Jean de Florette) is lovely, the colors are so delicate and perfectly distributed!

  2. Ooh! Such a lovely gift package! Watch out for sharp points!

  3. Michelle, I cannot believe it, but 'Gian' it is. It just is!
    Fox : ))

  4. What a nice gift package! It seems there's been lots of thread sharing in Tatland! (thanks Fox! ;-) )
    I love the colors in Jon's Floret. Happy tatting!

  5. Oooohhhh, you lucky tatter.
    I will look forward to see some future tatting done in these threads.

  6. your welcome, glad you can use the shuttle, I have several of them, as at first they were all I had from my grandmother, and then I could find them on ebay for not too much. I too like them. and wish they were available again. glad you like the bookmark too.

  7. Such a lot of pretty, Fox! That thread is SO vibrant! Pretty snowflake by Jon - I really like how balanced the colors came out when you tatted it. You planned it perfectly! :)
    :) Ann

  8. Can't help smiling when I read 'Gian'. in my language, 'gian' means something like an addiction. I am just wondering if that applies to the cat alone or to you as well.

  9. Well, I think 'Gian' is marvelous, both as a name and the royal kitty himself - and I got a good chuckle out of Jon's comment! I couldn't help but notice how PERFECTLY EVEN all those picots are in Jon's floret... is that the tattoo at work?!

  10. Thanks, Everyone! Great comments.

    Sherry, : )) That tattoo has long since disappeared! I must be imagining that I still see them there on my Peter Pointer! Thank you for the vote of confidence.

    Jon Oh yes, he is now something I cannot do without!

    Thanks, Ann, I am really, really proud of this tiny piece. It is one of the best things I have tatted to date - and it is all of an inch square! After almost three years work, I enjoy looking at it, though with a modicum of chagrin!
    Fox : )