Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Few Odds and Ends

In an effort to entice a family member to consider the 
art of lace-making, I will mail these tomorrow.

This stuff DOES work.  In the heat of the past few days,
 the consistency changed and it is perfect for tatting thread.

We are finally  recovering from that awful heat...
We are sooo tired!

Back to my projects....


  1. Good luck with your niece! It's a very enticing package!

  2. Please let us know if the enticement works... I have a few goodies to share with family members. ; )

    P.S. - Would you mind sending some cooler weather this way?

  3. Yeah Squijum's been lying around like that in the heat, too. I do hope your niece will be interested!

  4. I hope we're all in for some nice, cooler weather. Hugs

  5. While it's 75ºF at 11:16 p.m., that is still considerably cooler than 90ºF!!! We have rain and overcast skies were never so welcome!

  6. Hi Fox,

    I hope its getting cooler for you, your weather comes across the pond to us so I am looking forward to some warmth, its been chilly and wet here over the last few weeks. southern europe is hot but the northern area which we come into is cool.

    I hope your niece enjoys her goodies, I was treaching Bethany my grand daughter yesterday, I used some very thick cotton so she could see the way stitches are formed and she made a chain pattern, after a hour and half, shes only 10 years old, so she only got small fingers.
    Good luck teaching her.

  7. For shuttles I indeed want to take the place of your niece

  8. Do you run it through the Thread Heaven before loading the shuttle?

  9. Tara, NO! Not necessary! Just use it on a troublesome shredded part, like the thread that is messed up from un-tatting a ring...
    Fox ; )

  10. Just wanted you to know that because of this post, I now have four pretty Pony shuttles (red, blue, green yellow)! I had seen them before, but your photo got me to finally order them! I've already received them, and so far, they seem fine to tat with, just a little stiff getting the bobbins out.

    The England Aeros (I have two, fortunately) are the BEST, but I do like the bright colors of the Ponies (or should it be 'Ponys').

    I may now have to coordinate my thread to match my shuttles, as Miranda does! That was never an issue before, because my small collection of shuttles consisted of gray plastic, silver, or wood!

  11. Hi, Kathy!
    I didn't know Pony came in red and green! Enjoy your lovely new shuttle palette.

    I like to co-ordinate my colours with the shuttles, as Miranda does. makes it all such fun! Thanks for the two visits today! Have a good weekend.
    Fox : )