Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Cornucopia of Contributions

This is a pattern by Myra Piper - I do love her little purple pamphlet. As I was tatting it, and making the SAME MISTAKE over and over, ad nauseum, I relized how much of Tat-land resides in my work.

The tread is Karey Solomon's, the pattern is Myra Piper's, the beads come from Miranda, the yellow thread was sent to me by my pal Suneeti, and the green Delicas in the centre were a gift from myself to moi!

It happens a lot - the sharing not only of ideas, pictures, patterns and inspiration, but also of materials; the tools of the trade.  There is a lot of generosity in Tat- land.

A stunning example of this big-heartedness was evidenced a few days ago, when I received a surprise in the mail from LaCossette.  It was the shuttle, now gracing tat-ology's new header.

These are the words in the letter that was included, describing the shuttle:
...A totally safe, completely harmless, finger-friendly, hookless shuttle! Just for you....
Can you imagine!

She knew what had happened (several times, unfortunately, to my hands because of a  a few bad moves with the hook...) and she also knew I was taking a temporary, short break from the bobbin shuttles because of the ...ahem .... incidents, so she took it upon herself to make a shuttle she does not normally construct, (time-consuming and fiddly) and she made this special tool for me!

Thank you so very much, LaCossette!
I love this shuttle.

Last, but really first on the list of contributors to my happiness is Mother Nature herself (most probably a tatter in her spare time!)  

For decades,  I have photographed her works of brilliance, and in an ironic twist, come to really see the world only when separated from it by a lens devised by solely by human means. ( read: Canon : ))) 

Of late (the past almost three years of my new life as a tatter) I have begun to see tatting in nature everywhere:

It is always glorious, astounding and appreciated in every recess of my being!

The same cannot be said of the hanky.


  1. Beautiful shuttle! Beautiful tatting. I think I have that little book around her someplace.

    Just need to find some free time ... maybe this WINTER : ) LOL

  2. Your new shuttle is beautiful and such a special gift of thoughtfulness. Love your tatted motif. Happy tatting...

  3. Gorgeous tatting and an outstandingly beautiful shuttle!!!

  4. Now that looks like the perfect shuttle for you! Aren't tatting friends amazingly generous? The hanky is looking great!

  5. There's this Chinese saying that goes "If the old don't go, the new won't arrive". Ain't it apt in the case of your shuttle? But I'm not saying those PRECIOUS should be lost. (I call my shuttles "MY PRECIOUS". lol)

    Anyhow, have fun with your new shuttle. It's gorgeous. The hanky edging's coming along well. :)

  6. Enjoy your beautiful new shuttle!!! The hanky is coming along

  7. What a wonderful and thoughtful gift! I like this reflective You, Fox, and I like your hanky, too. I love the red.

  8. I found a lovely little package in my mail! Thank you so much for sending me this wonderful cotton perle thread. I love the colors, and the little bag of goodies. You made my day! Hugs

  9. Beautiful shuttle!! You just have to love Tat-Land

  10. What a sweet, thoughtful shuttle gift!

    Your red edging really looks outstanding on the rose hanky and will be superb, spectacular even! Just take it in short amounts and before you know it, voila! Fait accompli.

  11. Lovely tatting, Fox! The shuttle is BEAUTIFUL - so very kind of her! Great floral close up - I'm finding myself wanting to mimic the colors of nature in my tatting. It's always amazing to me that flowers I thought were just one color actually have many colors lurking deep within their petals. And don't knock the hanky, it may hear you! It's looking so pretty!
    :) Ann

  12. I saw your new shuttle days back but did not notice it was hookless. I remember thinking to myself how did Fox add her name to the shuttle. It is a beautiful shuttle and La Cossette is so thoughtful. Enjoy!!!

  13. Fox - Love the new shuttle. LaCossette is a gem herself. Not only is she talented and generous but she has just the right sense of humour LOL

    Enjoy - now the pressure is on to tat MORE.....

  14. Wonderful comments! Thank you for visiting and taking the time to comment!
    Fox : ))