Saturday, July 23, 2011

Birthday Girl

I cannot believe she is five years old today.  
Where did the time go?

Suneeti gave me some beads a while back, wooden ones that she may have intended for The Boss, as it seemed they were a child's art toy, but they were perfect for this birthday necklace.

You know by now I am not big on the jewellery-tatting-thing, but this seems to be perfect for The Boss's big day.

The sign on the heart is for Aries and today is one that screams Leo, as does the Birthday Girl, but she will just find it a pretty design! It was fun to tat.

I have been working on a few other things that I am very excited 
about, but I cannot discuss any of them right now, and so I can only show you this! 

It is still a heat wave in TO.  Gian and I are melting...


  1. Cute necklace... happy birthday to The Boss!

    I'm sick of heat... bring on the snow!

  2. Cute little necklace for The Boss! Happy Day!
    We're having the heat wave here, too. Hope you can keep cool. Hugs

  3. Happy birthday- felix natalis, Boss! What a pretty birthday necklace!

    Fox, it's still hot here so I think you have another day of it there. Phew!

  4. Happy Birthday to The Boss! She is sure to love her birthday necklace. Great idea, Fox.

  5. What a darling necklace for the The Boss! ♫ Happy Birthday to You ♫

    Gorgeous flower photo! Will it become part of your blog header some day? (Maybe it already has...)

    Stay cool as best you can, this heat can't last forever!

  6. Adorable necklace, and that hat is just precious (not to mention The Boss)! Happy Birthday!

    Our A/C (22 years) went on the blink the other day, but thankfully, we got a reasonaably priced new one installed within a day! So grateful! I love summer, but not THIS hot!

  7. Happy Birthday to The Boss!! You are doing well to get some tatting done in this heat!! I just can't get me mind on a project right now!! Maybe next week!!

  8. Love to see beads and tatting, the necklace is so cute.
    We are still waiting for Summer in the UK, fed up with rain!

  9. ooh, cute necklace for mini boss. ain't she a lucky one?