Saturday, January 22, 2011

Vintage Rose

#18 Motif Challenge

The Knot Stitch
For almost two years, I have been eyeing this pattern, which uses this funny little non-tatting knot.  I tried it several times, to no avail - I just could not seem to understand the instructions and the shuttles took to the air... well, you know me and my...  ahem... somewhat  tenuous relationship with my shuttles!

   This is the Knot Stitch---

 ----This is the book in which the pattern appears

However, a twist to the story: enter Snapdragon Lace! There is a page on her blog where the pattern has been has de-mystified, so that EVEN I can understand it! ( she was kind enough to respond to a FEW of my anxious emails as well.)

Thank you, Snapdragon Lace, for being so patient, and for helping me out.

#19 Motif Challenge

I was even moved to do the leaf, which I think is very pretty.  
It would look lovely if tatted, as in the original, all around a central rose motif...

Take heart, any of you out there in Tat-land who have been where I have with this pattern.  
This is one of many earlier attempts:

Close, but no cigar...
Snapdragon Lace wasn't fooling when she re-named this the Rose Motif (From Hell)!


  1. Well, now your first version is interesting. You should do something with it. Glad you got the original figured out though!

  2. I was going to say the same thing, Gina. I like your first version!

    So glad that you tried it out again and got it. Let me know if you decide to all 109 for the doily they describe in the book. :)

  3. Its nice to revive old techniques and patterns! Nicely tatted.

  4. What with both you and Gina working all these lovely old patterns, I am lost in admiration!
    I think this one is beautiful, but as I can't do ordinary split chains yet, perhaps I won't try it myself!
    Straange, isn't it, how the simplest designs can be so complicated - this one sounds like a real brain-stretcher.

  5. ♥Thank you!

    Some of these old ones are so intriguing. I am pleased to have figured this one out.

    Jessica, The thought was there for about two and a half seconds, that it would be great to tat the whole thing. Oh, right!

    Fox : )

  6. I'm not far enough into my tatting to be able to manage the vintage patterns yet . . . but I really like that leaf!

  7. Fox, muy lindo y muy complicado , Felicidades por lograrlo, a mi me parece muy complejo, pero lo intentare. Besos

  8. It's been over a week since I tatted up my version of it. That's just enough time for me to consider it again.

    If I only tat one rose every 2 weeks I'd have the whole thing done in just over 4 years. Hmmm....

  9. Teresa, The leaf is very easy tatting. Nothing complicated there, and the pattern is free!
    Fox : )

  10. Congratulations on your success! I agree, you need to do something with your first version - there's potential there. As been said, between you and Gina there is going to be a resurgence of those old patterns. You both are showing us how great they can look in this "modern" age, LOL!

  11. Teresa,
    I wrote up the directions for the leaf in a modern style (and with a diagram) on my website. Here's the direct link to that entry:

    Hope that helps. It's a very cool little motif. I plan to make a lot more.