Friday, January 21, 2011

Vintage For Mini-Boss


  1. So cute! I hope she appreciates what a wonderful grandmother she has....

  2. Those are SO sweet! And PERFECT for Valentines Day!

    I really do like the Josephine knots - they remind me of ball fringe. I haven't done much with them (and NOTHING that was successful) because when I pull them, I guess I try to do it too tightly, I often will break the thread. I'll have to stop avoiding them and make an effort to figure them out.

    :) Ann

  3. Adorable....they will be even better filled with cute feet :)

  4. Oh, thanks, Everyone! This is so much fun to tat.

    Ann, If you tat the JK in the second part of the ds and keep it LOOSE, but even, and then pull it closed gently, holding it firmly, but FLAT in a PINCH, you may find it easier to manage.

    Also, when tatting the ds you must begin VERY close to the place where you stopped from the last element.

    Hope this helps. Give it a try - not hard when you get the idea.

    You are so right! It DOES look like the old ball fringe! Exactly! I could not figure out what it reminded me of!

    I can see my Grandmother's things so clearly, now that you have said the magic words!
    Fox ; )

  5. Sencillamente bellas, lucen muy bien en las calcetas. Lindo trabajo. Besos

  6. Very nice! I'm going to have to check out that edging sometime.