Saturday, January 8, 2011

Second Time Around - Will Be Better!

 #13 Motif Challenge

This is NOT the SECOND time; it is
the FIRST attempt at Sharon's 'Grace Snowflake."

I don't know why this seemed so very difficult at first, but it was, and there are a gazillion mistakes in this snowflake, as I kept changing direction, doing SLT's and all sorts of other things that I am NOT doing in the second one, which is very pretty.  Says moi!

The newest effort is about half done and I am eager to show you the difference.

This one is tatted in Lizbeth teal #20 and Altin Basak, which does tend to fuzz badly. I find it is difficult to get a tight enough tension to give shape to the snowflake with this thread.  Not my favourite.  But lovely colours.

I suppose I should not even try to do the "good" tat in the first go;  I do live in hope! 

One more thing:  I realize that I like to use beads in certain places of motifs, not because I love beads or want to add colour, but because the joins are tighter and the tatting looks very finished at these joins.  I find the little bead hides the combining of the threads and the eye sees a much more polished form.  Anyone else thought about this?


  1. I think you do pretty well for a first try! :)

  2. Your snowflake looks good to me.
    I really like your new banner picture. I love the dragons.

  3. It's difficult keeping up with you!

    1st - love the new header - not that I didn't love the others!
    2nd - You'll do fine with this motif, as usual. It's always interesting to read your input on your 'experiments'
    3rd - FABULOUS PHOTO of the Kitty! What lens did you use? I don't own a cat, but sure admire them, and get to 'play' with my neighbor's cat every now and then!
    4th - I recognized Sharon's Merry Christmas snowflake right away, but it sure looks amazing in that color! It's a wonderful design, and you did your usual lovely job of tatting it.

    Happy New Year!

  4. I daren’t show my FIRST tries. LOL I like you comparisons because the differences are a good learning experience.
    I like the thread color too!
    I’ve found that if I make barely noticeable joining picots they look more like those with beads; but I have to use my tiniest crochet hook. But you are right about the beads.
    xxxx bev

  5. Hi Fox,

    Love your new banner, I think your snowflake looks beautiful, I love the colour, if thats your first one well it does not show. well done

  6. Kathy,
    Thank you so much for the comment on The Cat. My first love has been photography - a lifelong passion.

    The camera I am currently using all the time and enjoying immensely is a very small Canon, different from all other point and shoots in that it many manual capabilities as well as an amazing, fast, sharp lens...
    If you are a camera freak like me, check it out: Canon S90.
    Fox : )