Sunday, January 9, 2011

Second Time 'Round Takes The Prize

#14 Motif Challenge
Sharon's 'Grace Snowflake."
As  appreciative as I am of all your wonderful comments and support, I really have to tell you - I do know when my work is not up to snuff!  And that first try was NOT good - which was precisely why I posted it  To see the difference:

See what I mean?  The first one, as it has so many newly joined threads, many mistakes and all the unnecessary SLT's is lopsided, and the recent one is much more symmetrical.

I see a huge improvement, which once again admonishes me to not count on getting it right that first time.

Update on The Lamp

My funny show-piece has gone through some heavy-duty changes over the past year and a half! It sits close  beside me as I tat by its lousy light (I really MUST get some proper lighting) every day.

I find that I do study the motifs a lot, and enjoy the process, especially when I am exercising (rebounder) every night for half an hour.  I look at that lamp and think about the motifs and the tatting involved and the minutes go by quickly.  Often I am listening to an audio book at the same time; then the time really flies by.

(An Aside: For Mature Audiences Only!
As I was producing the collage, I just happened to see, there in the background, taking the photo of the lamp, hidden in with all the pictures, a full length shot of the photographer - moi - STARK NAKED!  Yup, I almost published it!  Just lucky I edit so carefully!  Imagine!  Tee hee!  Why was I wandering around my place shooting pics in the buff you may ask.  Well, that's another story!

I have mentioned this before but the more I tat, the more I appreciate this little tool.  For those of you who have not heard me go on about Jane's threadless needle hint, behold it in all its glory:

I cannot do the Magic Loop. So, I am stuck with sewing in the ends, which in all honesty, I do not mind at all.

These needles, I found at the Supermarket in a small sewing display.  Very inexpensive.  Lots in the packet. The ones with the gold top, as pictured here I find easier to deal with, as they seem to be thinner.

In conclusion, you have to experiment to find the ones you like as there seem to be quite a few brands.  Worth the effort!


  1. The second time around is stunning! I can't do the magic loop either. I've tried several times, and to me it's not worth the effort. A tapestry needle resides in my pin cushion, and I am quite content to use it.

  2. Well I agree with you the one one the right looks better! Anyway you are doing great.

  3. I use the same needles for sewing in my threads! A looong time ago, before I even started to tat I think, I bought a multi-pack of these needles. When I started working with small threads I used one of the small needles in the pack to sew in the ends. It worked so well! I have tried other needles, but these are the best. Over the years, I managed to lose the small ones and had to buy more. If I recall correctly, I wasn't able to find them at JoAnne's, but luckily my Target had them. I guess they are not good enough sewing needles to be sold at JoAnne's:)

  4. What is a threadless needle please? - because I have not heard of those and I think I might need some too. Do they work with size 20 thread?
    My ears pricked up when I came to the bit about the rebounder - because dr says I must walk MORE - and I already walk a mile a day, and it's not enough! Question 2 - what is a rebounder, and would I like it? Does it take up much space?
    Oh yes - Motif mark 2 is really good! Love the colours.

  5. Maureen, Check this out:

    I have been rebounding for a decade! Love it. There are side benefits...My sister has had cancer and was told by her doc to use a rebounder...

    It fits in my closet in my very small apartment. Not much space taken up.

    Yes, the needle works with #20, or #80!
    Easy- or Self-threading needles, also called Calyx-eyed Sharps, have a slot for the thread, rather than an eye.

    ♥ Fox : )

  6. Hi Fox,

    Lovely motif, yes I can see the 2nd one is better, in fact its lovely and the colours are great.
    I like your lampshade its a great place to display your work.

  7. Love the lamp, Fox, what a great idea! I'll bet it makes all the motifs glow. I can see how much nicer the 2nd tat looks. It's a nice design.