Sunday, January 16, 2011

Progress and a Surprise

 Welcome, My Wonderful New Visitor!

A lovely surprise this morning.

I have some odd habits.  Some I will keep to myself, but this one I will share with you.

I love to go to the map that shows me who has visited tat-ology - not who , but where the who comes from.

There are so many places in the world I have never and shall in all probability never see, and it intrigues me that there is someone in say, Shanghai, who has visited; someone from a city in Namibia; or there is an interested tatter in Moscow.  This to me is very intriguing.

For a long time I have seen that there are a lot of tatters in Italy who seem to enjoy my blog.  Ciao belle!

But, it saddened me that there was not one soul who had journeyed here from one of my favourite Italian cities.

For months I hvave checked.  Nope.  Nothing. Not one hit.  Nulla.

Then, this morning, I saw that a large number of people had viewed tat-ology in the past 24 hours and I thought to myself. "Go on. Click on Italy. Have a peek."

Buongiorno e benvenuti a tat-logy, Venezia!,

I am thrilled.


  1. Oooooh, your designing is starting to look quite professional! :)

  2. Hi Fox,

    Your drawing is fabulous. Congrats!!

  3. I love looking at that, too. I seem to have quite a following in eastern Europe, which I find fascinating for some reason. My map only shows it by country, though. How do you get it to show you which cities your visitors are from?

  4. Your blog is fabulous!
    This is the reason why it is visited by many italians.

  5. That was a nice surprize for you, I have visited venice four times it a lovely city.


  6. I get a kick out of seeing where people are from also! When I talk about what I've learned about tatting on the Internet, I always refer to "my blog buddy from..." Dave is amazed that I've made so many new friends!

  7. Getting there? You sure are! Congratulations on your diagram. It looks great. I'm so glad you are enjoying the design course. Love your pieces.

  8. Hi Everyone! ♥
    Love the comments! Thank you so much!
    Fox : )

    ♥ Carla - you make me laugh soo hard! I am truly tickled by your comment!

    Miranda, Try the site:, whose map icon is at the bottom of tat-ology. I really like all the detail I can get. Sometimes I meander along the streets of the places that show up!

    Diane, It leaves me quite dumbfounded at times to see how much of the globe I connect with in such a "personal" way. Love it!

  9. J'aime beaucoup votre premier modèle. Je vais essayer de le faire et je le mets sur mon blog vous visite tous les jours et j'aime votre travail.Je vous écris de France dans la Haute Normandie...
    A bientot

  10. Hey Fox!
    Your diagram is looking GREAT! Looks like you have beaten the curve!

    I like what countries my visitors come from also (I can't see the city). I sometimes wonder how my ramblings translate!

    :) Ann

  11. Hi Fox, nice diagram. I will try to make it.

  12. You have come a long way on the diagram! It is looking good. I posted mine yesterday and then found all kinds of things I made a mistake on! Oh, well, we're supposed to be learning not perfect, right?
    I also enjoy seeing where my visitors are from - and what blog they were on before they came my way. Those stats are sure interesting.

  13. I love to do the same thing. To visualize my blog’s visitors and their countries. I’ve always loved travel, even ‘virtual’. I was told one time when I was a ‘newbie’ on line, by a tatter who live in the South, that I didn’t REALLY have friends because NONE of the tatters had been to my home (and they had HERS). I was, understandably, a bit put off by this attitude and wasn’t interested in developing a friendship with this person. But In my mind, even if Fox, JaneEb, Martha and so forth haven’t been in my home; they ARE my friends that I love.
    You all have meant so much to me in these past few years that I choose to continue to think of my friends because you’ve visited the ‘home of my heart’.
    xxxx Bev