Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Boss Likes "The Lello" In The Middle...

 #23 Motif Challenge

Another new tatting technique learned! This one concerns adding a thrown-off ring from a chain mimicking a picot.  For the longest while I could not figure out what I was supposed to do and started (twice) using a mock picot, though I knew from the photo that this was ENTIRELY WRONG!

Ends up your are supposed to just leave a bit of thread at both ends of the ring!  So simple and yet  it so eluded me.

There are wonderful patterns - all in diagram form -  in this book, and very good photographs of all of them, which is most helpful. 

Now, in the mail from yesterday...


  1. I GET IT!!! Between you and Jane's TIAS, now I get it. In my little doodles of possible tatting patterns (which are all in my head, not in thread), I would think, "If only I could put a ring THERE!" You're right - so simple - sometimes things can be too simple to see! Pretty sure none of that makes sense, but THANK YOU!

    Very pretty motif, Fox! I like the lello too!

    :) Ann

  2. Isn't that baby just adorable? I have that book and kept starting stuff but not finishing. Would love to get back to it.

  3. I like "the lello" in the middle too! Ah! You have another of my favorite books! Now, if I could only read Japanese...

  4. That motif is beautiful! :)
    My nephew used to say lello too.

  5. hola, pase amirar tus trabajos y estan muy lindos.
    ¡¡ kiss ¡¡

    PD: shuttles sale

  6. This pattern is beautiful!
    that book is very interesting.

  7. Oh, Fox, you go like the wind! In less then no time you make so many beautiful things AND learn new techniques.. Am amazed every time I open your blog. Keep inspiring us!

  8. Hi Fox,

    Your motif looks beautiful, and I am glad you got it. well done

  9. Beautiful tatting Fox! My daughter's fave song when she was little was about her fave colour-"Mellow 'Lello'"

  10. The “lello” reminded me of my daughter, Lori, when she was just learning to say her name. She kept saying, “Yori” so I started her singing “la la la lori” and she learned to sing her name. A DJ in Yakima helped me out with this (she loved music); every morning he would say, “Good morning La La Lori in Mattawa” Her green eyes would grow big and wondering and she’d answer “gwood la la Lori!! Me! Me! Me”! She was a charmer.
    She passed in February 3 years ago on Valentine’s day ~ bittersweet for me. My first baby girl! She’d be 55 now.
    xxxx bev

  11. Hi, Bev,
    Thanks for sharing that.... sweet.
    ♥♥ Fox : )

  12. I love Teiko Fujito books. They are very interesting and easy to read through. Sure wish I could read Japanese though.