Friday, January 14, 2011

Justice for "Elcie"

 #16 Motif Challenge
 tattrldy''s "Elcie"

I was looking at the stitches in the red Elcie of a few days ago; I am NOT pleased!

Wanda's lovely design deserves better, so this is what happened.  I think it looks a lot neater.


  1. I absolutely love those colors, it makes it look sortta Victorian. very pretty indeed!

    on another note, I am giggling, my verification word is "franters" don't know why that is making me giggle but it is

  2. I like it with the beads and these colors, too. Karen in OR

  3. This is so pretty! I love the color combination.

  4. Thanks, Everyone! Aren't these colours just yummy!
    ♥ Fox

  5. OK, so I missed it, what color is the outside? My design was a square too, but a bit too crowed ~ so flunked Sharon’s critique ~ in many parts. LOL I like the idea of a square motif and I wanted a lotus design at the edges...(that was the crowded part). I called it an Arizona Lotus because I designed it (well tried) while Loyal was getting his Aortic transplant ~ in Tucson.
    Like everyone else, I love this color combination...but especially like that greenish/blue with grey hues...very pretty. xxx bj

  6. Ooo! Love these colors! And the beads...this gives her a whole 'nother look. Great job!

  7. tattrldy, So glad you visited! I was hoping you would approve! ♥

    Bev, That lovely blue colour is Light Teal, I believe, #20 Lizbeth - from a very BAD lot. It is hideous to work with - all twisty and splitting like crazy. But, nice hue!
    Fox : )

  8. I love these colours, and the addition of the beads is a nice touch too - very pretty!

  9. Another great design - and beautifully tatted too! You are all such good students :)