Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Following Phaedra?

#15 Motif Challenge
I am getting restless ... so, I just aimlessly tat, although I am happy with the results.  This is Sharon's "Phaedra," from Tatted Flurries.

I am procrastinating about tackling the drawing part of the Design Course.  Not sure why; I love all things techie, computers and challenges of the new, so what the block is, is a mystery to me. It is, however, real.


  1. I love it. And I think I will never make a sort of tatting like this pink things ( Is that cluny? ).
    Very nice work!!!

  2. I actually opened mine last night to review what I needed to do. Got a couple of ovals drawn but I really really needed to get to bed so I stopped at that. It's that learning curve that makes me procrastinate. Once I learned what the icons were and how to move around a bit, it was fun. I have to relearn it all over again since I didn't keep up with it. This time I will make my templates though and it will become easier and easier.

  3. Beautiful colors and the pearls are the perfect touch! I have GOT to figure out split chains so I can tat more flurries.

    I know what you mean about the drawing part. As I entered that part of the design class, I was behind - can't even remember why. Anyway, although I also love doing computer stuff, I just couldn't get it together for the drawing part. Then I got distracted by the press and it wasn't until I was working on its pattern that I realized I may want to have a go again at drawing up a tatting pattern.

    Don't be like me - make the leap now while the class is running - I rarely regret giving something a try, but I OFTEN regret not trying something.

    Perhaps you should sit down with the program for a little while, with no real purpose, and just tinker with it. Maybe a bit of the block will crumble for you...

    :) Ann

  4. Yes, indeed, orsi!

    The pink things are cluny leaves (called tallies).

    Thank you so much for noticing, as I am very proud of them!
    Fox : )

  5. Thank you Gina and Ann, for those thoughts. I think I will sit down and work through the programme and get familiar with it. That is the only way...
    ♥ Fox : )

  6. Fox, oh Fox, every time I see your page there is something awesome. You've got the talent, why being so reluctant.. Give it a try, if it does not work out, so be it. A bit more confidence, Fox, you'll turn into a great designer, you'll see!

  7. The clunies at the ends are so sweet and unusual. I like where you put the beads too. Pretty.

  8. Your "Phaedra" is beautiful! You make wonderful clunies.

    I've been a little hesitant to start on the drawing, too. I finally did and it wasn't too bad. I'm going to scrap my first try and start again, though. But the center is the easy part - doing the outside won't be that easy. Why did I make 3 different size rings???

    I'm sure once you get started you will do as great on job on the drawing as you do on the tatting: )

  9. Yowza! You guys have so much confidence in my ability to tackle the programme!

    I tried it and I CANNOT get the hang of it at all! I am totally hopeless at drawing a curve!

    Ah, well... I will try again, but this does not bode well!

    Fox The Inept : ))

  10. Why not sit down, take up a pencil and out your design ‘free-handed’? Begin with the familiar and then move forward.

    I’d write more but I can’t see through Pippa, who thinks she is composing at this laptop! She is VERY interested in the cursor!


  11. Wonderful snowflake!
    Your blog is always interesting! Bravo!!!

  12. Lovely piece of tatting, and I love the colours well done