Thursday, January 6, 2011

Eschewing the Enablers...

 #12  Motif Challenge

This is my "Abigail " pattern,  in Cébélia #20 and Olympus # 40 (I think), which is the same (almost) as  #20.  It is a lovely, silky thread, and I do not have much of it left.  
As a matter if fact, I have been trying to use what I have, making a conscious effort to assiduously avoid eye-contact with offers of HDTs  produced by Heather, LadyShuttleMakerTatskool and Yarnplayer - all very noteworthy artistic dyers of fantastically beautiful thread. 
It would be nice to have thread that is not covered with fibres from You Know Who:

I think he does it on purpose... 
Sometimes, I can hear Maebh and The Cat chuckling and plotting  wicked tones, in the wee hours...


  1. SO PRETTY! I've got a case of short-attention-span-theater going this morning, so by the time I read to the end of your post and admired the picture of your pretty kitty and scrolled back up to admire your tatted motif, I had to look and see WHAT BOOK you got this pattern from! I had forgotten it was a piece of Foxy Frivolité!

    WONDERFUL pattern, BEAUTIFUL tatting, LOVELY bead, GREAT job!

    :) Ann

  2. I love your cat. Watching Pippa closely when she is around thread. I’m being more assiduous about disposing of little thread pieces, I’m using an old, ivory-colored hair receiver to stick piece within! I thought that was a pretty clever use for something I had on hand. LOL I did send a ball of Olympus (I think, the outside paper seemed to indicate it was Olympus 40) in your small package but it is an ‘odd’ color. DH loved that pkg. because it weighed only 4 oz and was under $3 to ship. (he is frugal) Men! Can’t live with ‘em and can’t . . .
    no one actually COULD. Tee hee. xxxx bj

  3. Ohh, thanks, Ann! Such a lovely compliment!

    bj, Isn't he adorable? Ah, felines! I am very excited to receive the Omega! What a lovely surprise, as I am almost out of mine completely. That was so unnecessary, but much appreciated. Thank you!

    Fox : )

  4. Very lovely piece and the thread colour is just right. I am hoping to get back to blogging soon. It has been a while. Busy, busy.

  5. Such wonderful 'spring' colours in your lovely pattern. For a moment I forgot all about the cold and snow outside........

  6. Lovely piece of tatting, I love the colours you used and I am sure you know who only wants to help in his own way!

  7. Fox I love this design. The course if such good fun. Looking forward to seeing what see you come up with.

  8. I love that motif so much!

    I like Olympus thread a lot, but I've never understood where they get off calling it a size 40. It does come it lots of pretty colors!

    Ah, tatting with cats. I don't think I've ever tatted anything that didn't end up fuzzy!