Monday, January 10, 2011

Design Swap

Design by Wanda
tatted by Fox

This is tattrldy's design!  Is it not beautiful?  I love it.  And I love it in red.  In the design course, we usually tat in a pale colour or white, so the design is obvious, but I chose to tat her creation in red and guess what colour she decided to use for mine...

design by Fox
tatted by tattrldy

    Without knowledge of the other's choice, we both decided on the colour.  Funny how that worked!

 Then there were problems:

I had begun Sharon's "Phaedra" snowflake, from "Tatted Flurries," but found the thread thin, so the motif would be smaller than I wanted. In order to use the full shuttle, I decided to try an Iris Neibach border, which I began FOUR times! I have put it aside for now.

However, I really like the pattern and it is NOT difficult - if one follows the directions, that is, so I will do it again.  I also enjoyed tatting it in Lizbeth #40, which produces a tight, crisp stitch.

This is a terrific pattern and I have begin it again, and am very pleased with the way it is working out. Perhaps it is going well as I have had a very focussed helper today...


  1. They do look good in red, don't they? LOL
    It's sounds like you were having a terrible time with Iris' pattern. Hope it likes you better the next time you try it.
    Your clunies look great! I haven't even tried making those yet.

  2. The red motif is so unusual!
    Does your cat tat? )) Or it just inspects your lace? )

  3. Lovely gorgeous colour, makes the motif stand out.
    I think your helper wants to learn to tat!!!

  4. Both patterns look great in red, and your clunies look good, too. I love your purrfect helper!

  5. Both motifs look awesome! I love them both!
    May you have great success the next time you work on that border and the snowflake, cuz' it look like you are close! :)
    I keep messing up when following directions too so I have resorted to using post-it notes under each line as I go so there is less chance(yet still a chance) to mess up as easily(I also had to restrict my tv watching). :)

  6. So cool!

    Great minds think alike, I always say! LOL

    love to see the progress on your classes... and love the colors you chose!