Thursday, January 13, 2011

Aye Aye, Sharon!

I've been ordered:

**For those of you who are confused: this is my first computer drawn diagram.  If I can get a good one, I will publish the "Abigail" pattern, with a diagram... if.....

This has taken me all morning!  Gad!  
What a learning CURVE!


  1. Was going to mention the other day, just how much i LOVE the new header!!

    Now, about your post... Are you supposed to figure out how many stitches each ring and chain have, to make it look like this or...?

    If not, then I'm sorry - i don't get it! (of course, maybe only those in the design class would get it) :-/ :-)

  2. Hey Fox!
    I think you're doing pretty well! It always takes a bit to learn a new program and drawing "by hand" on the computer is very challenging.

    I don't know about the program you are using, so this may not work, but I have an idea for the chains. Would it be possible to make a large oval which reached between two of the small rings so its ends meet the tips of those rings? Then move that oval away from the diagram, erase half of it running lengthwise and move it back into place to make a chain. If it worked, then you probably could copy it and use it in the diagram where needed.

    I think you've got it going and am confident you will win this battle!

    :) Ann

  3. BUT you BEGAN and that is what counts. One reason I like Easy Draw is that it makes the curves and such for’s the one that JaneEb uses, also.
    Which program are you using?
    xxx bj

  4. It reminds me of what of those elastic stretch braclets with what I call funky stones or beads, it's not horrible. :)

  5. *DOH! slaps forehead

    I get it now....

  6. Your first attempt is very good, and you have gotten good suggestions so far. Just remember to let the software do most of the work for you and it was lessen the frustration.

    I remember cursing at the computer (a lot) while creating my thyme leaf diagram. I was using PhotoShop. The software you are using for Design_Tat is much more simple to use. (Unless you are already a diagramming pro using PhotoShop, that is.)

    Don't give up! It will all work out. I know you will be great at diagramming.

  7. umm ... err.... well, you made a start, that is good enough for some points. From what you have shown through your blog, you always finish what you started. So, I'll continue and wait for the finished, complete, perfect one.

  8. LOL!!!

    Thanks for all the comments! I just had to show you how BAD I am at this. ANY improvement will be terrific!
    Fox : )

  9. I don't know if your drawing program supports this, but this is the wonder hint I got from Jane. First scan your finished piece and import that picture into the drawing program. Lighten the picture so it's not very dark(transparency command with my program). Then make another layer on top of the scan. Do all your drawing in that second layer, sort of like using tracing paper. This helps so much getting things lined up correctly and the right size. Once the drawing is done, then erase the layer with the original scan.

  10. Thanks, Martha. I am using the free Serif Draw Plus programme and there is a lot one cannot do. This is my first attempt and I was just checking out the shapes and so on. I know about the layering, but I don't know if I have the capability. But I am going to check, for sure!
    Fox : )

  11. I'm relieved to read that you and others have struggled with drawing tatting patterns on a computer. I have long felt that this is an art in itself and I marveled at and admired the drawings done by Sharon, Jon, Jane Eborall and others, equally as much as I admired their tatting and ideas.

    I long ago tried using Word and Publisher to draw tatting diagrams and found it to be VERY tedious to do the simple curved chains. I am pleased that Serif Draw Plus SE makes curves a MUCH easier task, but there is also a trick to getting the proportions and positions of the rings correct in the first place. You kind of need to draw 'grids', which can be deleted. Tracing over a photo is also a way to go, and I believe DPSE allows you to do that - although I have yet to try it.

    You may recall that I've made a commitment to do my slipper design, and I know I'm going to need to concentrate 100% on it, with no distractions! I'm hoping to get it done this winter, but I have to master the software first!