Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Poppies; Pilots; My Dad

Pattern is adapted from Jon's "August Poppy"


  1. Great idea! We usually use the poppy flower in May for Memorial Day but Veteran's Day is every bit as appropriate.'s Veteran's Day here.

  2. Beautiful Fox. "In Flanders Fields" is a favorite poem of mine.

    Is that his flight suit?

    :) Ann

  3. Thanks, Ann. No, it is actually my jacket! The Gap from last year!

    I recited 'In Flanders Fields' to my entire elementary school for the ceremonies, when I was in Grade seven! I was told that I would do this the night before and fretted for the next 12 hours! Thanks for the memory; I had not thought of this in decades!
    Fox : )

  4. I will always remember, I will always be proud, I will always be thankful.
    Very pretty Fox, you do good work.

  5. Exquisite work, Fox! Thanks for the lovely Remembrance Day pin.

  6. Thanks for posting this beautiful pin. Here it was Veteran's Day, also a day of remembering.