Friday, November 12, 2010

Miniscule But Mighty Midnight Gifties

Pattern: Onion Ring by Wally Sosa    Thread: Coron #40 thanks to ♥Suneeti♥

Just look at the ROLL TATTING!  I had my doubts before tackling this, which I completed at work yesterday at lunchtime.  Surprisingly I tatted it in two short sittings, and must say, enjoyed it immensely!  Thanks Wally!

The Chinese Characters mean "Double Happiness".
The Cat's Expression is translated as "Mine."

Sis flew into town yesterday and we have already had an in-depth "projects" show and tell. She is a  noted quilter from Calgary and of course very knowledgeable about thread. She brought me some Vivaldi #35, (That would be VALDANI - THANKS MAUREEN! I am an old flutist.... what can I say!))whatever that means.  It is like a thin #80 so I doubled it in matching sections to be sure the variegated parts were not too uneven. I tatted till two o'clock last night.

Because Sis is interested in how the thread would look,  I have to give her these simple,  little samples (even though I missed a bead in one!) But, I will also give her one of my bigger, more finished pieces...  pride demands it!)

I mean, she gave me a quilt - and actually said to me she expected a tatted gifty in the Valdani by the morning.  A joke to be sure, but I have to reciprocate as tatting is small but mighty!  So, this is what I came up with:

It is still fairly early and I have no work today.  Sis and I are meeting up for dinner and I plan to have another little tatted goody in my new BLUE beads (Sis LOVES beads too!) and the new Vivaldi...

The Cat has issues with today's post?


  1. This piece is very very beautiful! I like it very much.

  2. Wow, congratulations on the excellent roll tatting! That's something I've been too nervous to try.
    Very pretty little "gifties".

  3. The roll tatting is lovely.

    And I luff your cat. She looks like a member of FAPR (Felines Against People Reading).

  4. Hooting with mirth here, Fox! - that Cat is precious!! Now I have two cats to follow, yours, and Crazy Mom's.
    Valdani....that's what the thread is.....a bit like Perfect Quilter, just a tiny bit thicker - and wonderful colours.

  5. Loved the whole post Fox! You have such a way with words.

    I've been trying to tat with sewing thread - 4 or 5 strands at a time in varying colors. Then when I get to another round, I change the color recipe so that the previous color melts in to the next (like the painted effect they do in crochet). It's a bit challenging but fun.
    Have you tried it?

  6. Lily, That sounds like fun! I might just...
    Fox : ))

  7. That medallion with rolled tatting looks great! I haven't tried that yet but you make it look so good I'll have to - after Christmas, that is! Your little samples are wonderful, I went "oooh" when I first saw them.
    I had to laugh at your cat. That's the same look I get when I won't let mine on my lap no matter what I'm doing.

  8. How lovely to have you sister visit you. You must be enjoying yourself. The roll tatting in the onion ring motif looks really nice. Your cat is so cute. Tsuru would squeeze herself between the laptop and me and plonk herself down sometimes nearly toppling the laptop.

  9. Valdani is very good thread, but it is so thin!

    I tried to tat with this thread... After that it is so difficult to make lace of thick yarn :)

  10. I love your cat ! ... hmm your tatted work too, of course ;-)
    I wish you a nice sunday

  11. Isn't my cat BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE HIM ♥♥
    Fox : )

  12. Hey Fox,
    If you like Valdani - have you tried the Perfect Quilter threads?????????
    Got some here I can send you samples if you like...