Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Midnight WIth Minitats...

Response to this e-mail, from a tatting friend," B":
 Here is what she said:
...   I am working, at least trying to, front side/back side tatting. I have no problem with working the chains back side or "regular" front rings. To me, my problem is when I have to work a ring that is on the back side.
....   example, I am working on a mini tat pattern. I have to make a ring with shuttle 2 . A back side tatted ring. When I close it does not look right. The last stitch, to me, turns in. That does not like right! So my question is please do you have any suggestions on how that could look neater?

......the pattern is on page 40 mini tat # 53. I will not tell you how many times I have redone it. I am sure you can take a guess. I do have a nice pile of used thread...

She does have a good sense of humour, even if she is not pleased with hr motif!

As promised, I tatted the pattern and am taking this dilemma to tat-ology. 

The last stitch is a bit shallower than the others, but it doesn't bother me. This smaller stitch might be what is annoying "B",  however.

I think I remember The Closet Tatter  talking about this a while back, discussing the merits of whether to post or not to post. There you have it.

Any suggestions for "B" about this from Tat-land?

 Cluny Update

 I am seeing improvement!

Help from my very own
Design Fan Club

Design is not finished 
but is finally in the works...

The doodled designs were far too complicated for a novice, so I have scaled back to what I can handle;   this is what I have been able to accomplish so far.  I am beginning the second edition.  This one is full of cuts, stops and starts, so is very wonky.

It is a beginning....


  1. You're like the little engine that could... I'm sure you sit there with your shuttles and thread chanting: I think I can! I think I can! I think I can!

    Your clunies look great to me! ...and look at that design! Amazing!

  2. Lovely cluny's and a great design you are so inspirational.

  3. More like "I know I can! I know I can!!"

  4. I remember that we had a discussion on frontside/backside one month - and there IS a way to make it neat, I will have to ask Judith Coonors about it. Then I will let you know. Just trying to remember - is it possibly one instance where you actually do have to post your shuttle through the ring bfore you close it? - something is stirring in my memory about that. I think that's it. Try it and see.

  5. Like those clunies! You remind me thatI need to get back to them. You also reminded me of why I do not try to design. I like to enjoy my tatting time! Yours is looking good and I depend on people like you for my designs. I need ready made patterns!
    When there's a need to make a ring from the back I make one more 2nd half stitch and close. When I do front side I make one more 1st half, post, and close. Hope this helps. There must be other ideas out there. Karen in OR

  6. Your heart in cluny is very beautiful in pink and white I do not arrive has to make this motive I am there still has the flower bye

  7. When I close my rings I sometimes have to adjust the last few ds, turn them on the core thread to lay flay. I think you might be on to something for B about trying to post the shuttle on the rings that are causing her trouble.
    Your cluny heart looks good! I haven't even tried clunies yet.
    I see you've been working on homework. It's looking good! Nice idea. I think it's amazing all the different things everyone is coming up with starting with the same center. I'll be posting mine soon, too.

  8. Great progress on your designing! I have no advice about the frontside/backside tatting. I've been doing some and still don't see the point of it. But I'm a very easy going person. If it's pretty, I don't care. So I probably do not express the correct appreciation when it is done right because ...I just don't notice it. But if one does notice it, they should do what they feel makes it better. I'd never argue that.

  9. Nice beginning on your design,Fox! And your clunies.....sigh.....gorgeous! Hugs

  10. Well, 'B",

    It is looking likas if there may be a time to post!

    I am going to have to try posting after making a second half of the ds on the backside.

    And I thought I was done with the posting business...

    Fox : )

    Thanks everyone for the response. Maureen, I am interested in what Judith has to say about this...
    Fox ♥

  11. I found that I definitely need to post the shuttle when making a ring from the back side. It really does make a difference. I also make the extra half stitch at the end of every ring as Karen said. It makes a difference to me.

  12. Karen and Beelizabeth,

    I am definitely going to try that in the next project. Thanks to you both for the tip.

    Fox : )

  13. I'm now going to try to post from the back side rather than the front and see what it does. Don't remember why I started only posting from right side as have beern doing it for some time. Karen in OR