Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mail For The Millwright

Design by Judith Connors 

I have tatted this heart a lot as I like the simplicity of it. ( I did take the liberty of making a little change in this pattern with the number of picots)  The beads are metal!  And there is a crystal at the tip which is pretty in the sun.  I hope this cheers the patient.

Glad I figured out a way to hang  motifs.  I shall become a real bore with these carbone rings.  Love them.

 Design by elisadusud. HDT  is Peace by Yarnplayer

It held such promise... sigh.... I messed up the pattern in two critical places - sorry Elisa!  But, I am still happy I got the thing tatted.  

The colour combo is  yuchy!  That is what happens when I am so intent on the design, I forget to check what I have loaded in the shuttles! The HDT would be so much better with another colour or shade.

It is a lovely design and I shall tat it again.  Off to the Post Office.


  1. The colors on the cluny piece are very beachy, sort of Key West colors.

    The little red heart is pretty! Simple is so good.

  2. Great finish! The heart is lovely too and will be a nice suncatcher.

  3. I love the red heart. Is there a pattern floating around for it? I am so new to the tatting thing that I need patterns :-(

    The other heart, like Crazy Mom said is very beachy. It reminds me a lot of a dress I made years ago for one of my girls. I love it!

  4. Both hearts are so gorgeous! I love the color in the cluny heart! :)

  5. Too bad, I like the color combo of the cluny heart! :-P To each his own!

    The heart is really nice... glad to see the beads again!

  6. The suncatcher is really pretty. As for the cluny heart -- HA -- I think it's colors are really great. It looks like tropical sherbet to me! Where did you find the pattern? I can't make heads or tails of Elisa's website (as far as finding any patterns).

  7. The heart looks great and is an inspiration. The cluny leaf piece seams "peachy" to me.. but I am not going to burn my fingers on clunies yet. Leave it up to you, I know my master when I see one...

  8. I keep loving this pattern every time I see it and am seriously considering learning clunies just so I can tat this. Although I suppose tatting it would be the perfect way _to_ learn clunies. Anyway, I wondered where exactly you got the pattern. Does she have a book out with it?

  9. The cluny heart is a very complicated design. I doubt if I could tat it without mistakes, although I can't see yours. Pieces like that sometimes require a practice run before you make them "for real", so maybe that's what this was.

  10. I love the metal on the red for the heart!! I love how you hang your pieces as well. Now to figure out carbone rings :)

  11. Great job on the hearts. How could such a heart, with that special touch of metal beads, not lighten his day? I like your cluny heart, I think you made it well, but agree with you about the colors.

  12. This beautiful heart will surely bring healing to the patient. Happy tatting...

  13. ♥Thank you, Everyone, for the lovely comments. I mailed the heart this morning.

    The red heart can be found in, 'Tatting Adventures with beads, shuttle and needle' by Judith Connors.

    As for elisadusud's patterns, Marty, I have spend a lot of time deciphering her patterns and have been corresponding with her for explanations and some translation questions. She has been gracious and very helpful.

    There are also a few patterns on her blog. Check back, one by one, and you can find them. Use Google translate, and apply a bit of forbearance, as I know the site can be a bit confusing. It is always difficult when there are translation challenges.

    Elisa has also posted some videos on U-tube which are helpful. possible with a little forbearance!

    Miranda, I actually misread the pattern and added two rings that were not to be there. The original pattern looks a bit 'loftier' as the leaves are not so caged in and
    confined -looking.

    When I realized my mistake I had to carry on with it on the other side to be symmetrical! So, there is no actual flaw in the tatting but rather in the very pattern itself which I had to change in order to complete it and have it appear correct - though it isn't. Clear? Whew!

    Thanks again, for all your kind words,
    Fox : )

  14. Well, that's not a mistake; it's a design variation!

  15. Love the heart and just love the colours of your cluny heart!

  16. The cluny heart is wonderful - actually, I like the colour!
    Elisadusud may be the Queen of Clunies, but I can see that you are morphing into the Mistress of the Cabone - it's a brilliant idea.